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School of Social Work

School of Social Work
University of Victoria
Human & Social Development Building B302
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
School of Social Work
Human & Social Development Bldg.
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
School of Social Work
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Director Jacquie Green 250-472-4129 HSD B302a
FAX 250-721-6228
Assistant to the Director/Office Man Donna Barker 250-472-5072 HSD B302
Program Director, Distance BSW Dora Leigh Bjornson 250-721-8953 HSD B306
Administrative Officer Mel Peters 250-721-8034 HSD B304
Indigenous Practica Coordinator Cheryl Aro 250-721-8040 HSD B340
Practica Coordinator Maxine Gibson 250-721-8035 HSD B312
BSW Admissions Coordinator/ Advisor Michelle Osborne 250-721-8047 HSD B322
MSW Program Assistant Jaime Ready 250-472-5622 HSD B302
BSW Academic Advisor Marian Simmonds 250-721-8042 HSD B330
Practicum Assistant Leslie Macnab 250-472-5109 HSD B302
Distance Education Assistant and WebCT Scott Gerrity 250-853-3209 HSD B307
Distance Education Assistant Carolynn Broeke 250-721-8038 HSD B302
Reception Andrea Roszmann 250-721-8036 HSD B302
Practicum Coordinator Shawn Hoey 250-721-8039 HSD B310
Given Name Last Name Office Telephone E-mail
Carolyn Anderson HSD B302
Cheryl Aro HSD B340 250-721-8040 (local: 8040)
Donna Barker HSD B302 250-472-5072 (local: 5072)
Dora Leigh Bjornson HSD B306 250-721-8953 (local: 8953)
Carolynn Broeke HSD B302
Leslie Brown UH3 111 250-721-8474 (local: 8474)
Jeannine Carriere HSD B340 250-721-6452 (local: 6452)
Meagan Chaffey
Janette Champagne
Sarah Chapple
Lena Dominelli
Michele Fairbairn HSD B302
Scott Gerrity HSD B307 250-853-3209 (local: 3209)
Maxine Gibson HSD B312 250-721-8035 (local: 8035)
Jacquie Green HSD B302a 250-472-4129 (local: 4129)
yvonne Haist HSD B320 250-472-4133 (local: 4133)
Sharon Hobenshield HSD B302
Shawn Hoey
Donna Jeffery HSD B332 250-721-8037 (local: 8037)
Diane Klaws
Kristen Kvakic HSD B309 250-721-8042 (local: 8042)
Tracey Lavoie HSD B321
Hillary Luis
Patricia MacKenzie UVC A207 250-721-8735 (local: 8735)
Leslie Macnab HSD B302 250-472-5109 (local: 5109)
Kirsten Mikkelsen HSD 780-868-0482
Rena Miller HSD B311 250-472-4134 (local: 4134)
Cheryl Moir van Iersel HSD B326 250-721-8033 (local: 8033)
Peter Monk HSD B302
Mehmoona Moosa-Mitha HSD B334 250-721-8041 (local: 8041)
Susan Noakes FRA LawCtre 250-385-1221
Todd Ormiston
Michelle Osborne
Melvin Peters HSD B304 250-721-8034 (local: 8034)
Nancy Pike HSD B310 250-721-8039 (local: 8039)
Gayle Ployer HSD B350 250-721-8045 (local: 8045)
Karen L. Potts HSD 250-472-4134 (local: 4134)
Jaime Ready HSD B302 250-472-5622 (local: 5622)
Catherine Richardson HSD B342 250-472-4632 (local: 4632)
Lindsay Risk
Andrea Roszmann HSD B302 250-721-8036 (local: 8036)
Deborah Rutman HSD B309 250-721-8202 (local: 8202)
Tracy Schonfeld
Andre Serzisko
Marian Simmonds HSD B330 250-721-8042 (local: 8042)
Anne Spilker HSD
Susan Strega HSD B3324 250-721-8333 (local: 8333)
Glen Tadsen HSD B302 250-721-3307 (local: 3307)
Betty Taylor HSD B202A 250-721-6628 (local: 6628)
Robina Thomas HSD B344 250-721-6298 (local: 6298)
Barbara Whittington HSD B316 250-721-8044 (local: 8044)
Sarah Marie Wiebe DTB A304 250-853-3524 (local: 3524)
Fonda Willis