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School of Health Information Science

School of Health Information Science
University of Victoria
Human & Social Development Building A202
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
School of Health Information Science
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
School of Health Information Science
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office 250-721-8575 HSD A202
Co-op Assistant Debbie Robertson 250-721-6458 HSD A202
FAX 250-472-4751
Director Abdul Roudsari 250-721-8576 HSD A202b
Office Manager/Assistant to the Director Diane Johnston 250-721-8576 HSD A202
Co-op Coordinator Dave Hutchinson 250-721-8577 HSD A202a
Graduate Secretary Sandra Boudewyn 250-721-6459 HSD A202
Program Coordinator Silvia Dulc 250-721-7561 HSD A202a
Given Name Last Name Office Telephone E-mail
Jos Aarts
Jeff Barnett HSD A202 250-551-9
Jes Bassi
Paule Bellwood
David Birnbaum  
Elizabeth Borycki HSD B226 250-472-5432 (local: 5432)
Sandra Boudewyn HSD A202 250-721-6459 (local: 6459)
Bruce Carleton HSD A202
Karen Courtney HSD A216 250-721-8599 (local: 8599)
Patricia Coward HSD A202 250-721-8575 (local: 8575)
Michael Downing HSD A202 250-721-8575 (local: 8575)
Silvia Dulc HSD
Christopher Eagle HSD A202
Paul Fisher HSD A202 250-721-8576 (local: 8576)
Lawrence Frisch
Michael Guerriere HSD A202 250-721-8575 (local: 8575)
Marilynne Hebert HSD A202
Osama Househ
Diane Johnston HSD A202 250-721-8576 (local: 8576)
Donald Juzwishin HSD A202 250-721-8575 (local: 8575)
Karim Keshavjee  
Nicole Kitson HSD A202
Mu-Hsing Kuo HSD A220 250-472-4300 (local: 4300)
Andre Kushniruk HSD B230 250-472-5132 (local: 5132)
Francis Lau HSD A218 250-472-5131 (local: 5131)
Omid Lotfollahi Shabestari HSD A214 250-721-8582 (local: 8582)
Scott MacDonald TEF 281 250-472-5933 (local: 5933)
Malcolm Maclure HSD A202
Roman Mateyko HSD A202
James McDaniel HSD 250-721-8576 (local: 8576)
Helen Monkman
Howard Pai MSB
Colin Partridge
Yuri Quintana HSD A202
Thomas Rosenal HSD A202
Richard Scott HSD A202
Brian Shorter
Karl Stroetmann  
Danica Tuden
Abdul Vahabpour Roudsari
Brandon Wagar
Jens Weber ELW B206 250-721-8797 (local: 8797)
Faye Wolse HTR 125 250-721-5501 (local: 5501)
Erdem Yazganoglu HSD A202
Jin Zou ELL 301
Bruno Zuberbuhler