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Ocean Networks Canada Society

Related departments: Neptune Canada Ocean Network , Venus Coastal Network
Ocean Networks Canada Society
University of Victoria
Technology Enterprise Facility 160
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
Ocean Networks Canada Society
TEF160 - 2300 McKenzie Ave
V8P 5C2
Ocean Networks Canada Society
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Inquiries 250-472-5400
FAX 250-472-5370
President & CEO Kate Moran 250-472-5350 TEF 160
Executive Assistant Natalia Gartley 250-721-7231 TEF 160d

Finance & Administration

Chief Finance & Administration Officer Duc Le
Systems Administrator Claudio Alfaro 250-472-5362 TEF 155
Administrator Marja Blase 250-472-5368 TEF 136
Accounting Coordinator Joyce Coleman 250-721-8478 TEF 130a
Administrative Assistant Karen Hamilton 250-472-5400 TEF 160
Administrative Coordinator Morag Mochan 250-472-4084 TEF 130A
Accounting Coordinator Erin Olsen 250-721-8825 TEF 214
Systems Administrator Jason Rush 250-472-5356 TEF 155
Development Officer Jessica Stigant 472-536-5 TEF 136C
Project Coordinator Christina Waddle 250-472-5351 TEF 130a
Accounting Coordinator Tammy Welch 250-721-6654 TEF 124
Accounting Coordinator Marion Will 250-853-3962 TEF 130

Innovation Centre

Director, Innovation Centre Scott McLean 250-853-3961 TEF 130c
Technology Demonstration Facility Engineer Jeff Bosma 250-853-3539 TEF TEF-212
Sensor Technology Development Officer Tom Dakin
Education Coordinator (Post Secondary) Ellyn Davidson 250-853-3540 TEF 212
Education Coordinator (K-12) Natasha Ewing 250-853-3540 TEF 130
Observatory Support Engineer Ryan Flagg
Communications Assistant Lindsay Hill 250-853-3963 TEF 160
Communication & Public Engagement Officer Virginia Keast 250-853-3538 TEF
Strategic Planning Officer Roe Markham
Digital Infrastructure Development Officer Gordon Rees 250-721-6357 TEF 242

User Engagement

Director, Science & User Engagement Kim Juniper 250-472-5379 SCI A317
Chief Scientist Ken Denman 250-472-5220 TEF 130c
Associate Director, Science Richard Dewey 250-472-4009 TEF 128b
Associate Director, User Services Maia Hoeberechts 250-721-8296 TEF 120
Scientific Data Specialist Dilumie Abeysirigunawardena 250-472-4922 EDC 155c
Website Development & Communications Tim Boesenkool 250-853-3710 TEF 153
Scientific Data Specialist Alice Bui
Staff Scientist Fabio De Leo Cabrera 250-721-8513 TEF 136c
Project Coordinator Leslie Elliott 250-472-5357 TEF 160d
Documentation & Visual Material Specialist Francoise Gervais TEF 155c
Staff Scientist Martin Heesemann
Scientific Data Specialist Marlene Jeffries 250-853-3844 TEF 136
Manager, Marketing and Communications Nikolai Korniyuk 250-472-5366 TEF 140
Staff Scientist Steven Mihaly 250-853-3637 TEF 120
Web Content Manager Dwight Owens 250-853-3712 TEF 160
Video Specialist Andrew Robertson
Staff Scientist Akash Sastri 250-721-8303 TEF
Staff Scientist Martin Scherwath 250-721-6309 TEF 136d

Observatory Operations

Director, Observatory Operations Adrian Round 250-472-5364 TEF 128D
Associate Director, Digital Intrastructure Benoit Pirenne 250-472-5353 TEF 160f
Software Developer Nick Allen
Data Services & Hardware Specialist Kevin Bartlett 250-853-3932 TEF 136a
Marine Equipment Technologist Ian Beliveau
Scientific Programmer Ben Biffard TEF 155
Senior Software Developer Yan Chen 250-853-3711 TEF 153
Software Developer Jonathan Cheng 472-592-7 TEF
Software Quality Control Specialist Bob Crosby 472-474-3 TEF 158
Acoustic Systems Developer John Dorocicz TEF
GIS Specialist Karen Douglas 250-472-5359 TEF 214
Manager, Software Development Eric Guillemot 250-472-5375 TEF 103
Scientific Instrument Manager Reece Hasanen 250-853-3699 TEF 160
Operations Technologist Denis Hedji 853-314-8 TEF 128a
Observatory Systems Administrator Austin Henry TEF 140
Observatory Systems Manager Martin Hofmann 250-472-5354 TEF 155d
Scientific Data Specialist Helena Jeeves TEF 160
Data Stewardship & Operations Support Team Lead Reyna Jenkyns 250-853-3908 TEF 158
Obervatory Systems Administrator Shane Kerschtien 250-853-3673 TEF 155c
Java Developer Josef Krentz
Associate Director Marine Operations Ian Kulin
Marine Equipment Engineer Jarrett Little
Intermediate Software Developer Tony Lin 250-472-5373 TEF 160
Senior Software Developer Tim Lavallee 250-472-5384 TEF 153
Software Quality Control Specialist Murray Leslie 250-472-5361 TEF 153
Web & Feature Developer Johanna MacLeod
LEF Project Manager Paul Macoun TEF 155c
Marine Equipment Engineer Jonathon Miller
Senior Software Developer Khai Ong
Software Developer Susan Perkins 250-472-5053 TEF
Software Quality Control Specialist Daisy Qi 250-472-5972 TEF 153
Installation Support Specialist Richard Riddell 250-721-6366 TEF 160
Software Developer Cassandra Rosa 250-721-8639 TEF 153
Senior Software Developer Ronald Schouten 250-472-5144 TEF 153
Observatory Systems Administrator Nicolas Scott 250-721-8952 TEF 158
Software Developer Bernadette Simas
Mechanical Engineer Installations Chris Sundstrom 250-472-5241 TEF 128
Senior Software Developer Michael Thorne 250-472-5026 TEF 153
Metadata Specialist Meghan Tomlin
Operations Support Manager Matthew Uganecz
Software Developer Mitozcelle Valenzuela 250-472-5469 TEF 153
Observatory Systems Administrator Seann Wagner 250-472-5378 TEF 155
Systems Integration Engineer Jonathan Zand TEF 155
Software Quality Control Specialist Yingsong Zheng 250-853-3674 TEF 153
Given Name Last Name Office Telephone E-mail
Jeff Bosma TEF TEF-212 250-853-3539 (local: 3539)
Tom Dakin
Ellyn Davidson TEF 212 250-853-3540 (local: 3540)
Natasha Ewing TEF 130 250-853-3540 (local: 3540)
Martin Hofmann TEF 155d 250-472-5354 (local: 5354)
Virginia Keast TEF 250-853-3538 (local: 3538)
Duc Le
Morag Mochan TEF 130A 250-472-4084 (local: 4084)
Kate Moran TEF 160 250-472-5350 (local: 5350)
Jessica Stigant TEF 136C 472-536-5