Faculty and staff bookings

Scheduling and bookings
UVic has many rooms available to faculty and staff to use for classes, meetings or non-academic activities.

Contact , local 8128

University Departments may contact Casual Academic Bookings for:

  • Academic meetings on an irregular basis
  • Faculty meetings
  • Casual departmental meetings (excluding those requested via the Timetable submission process)
  • Continuing Studies bookings
  • Language program requests (including COOP Japan)
  • Class reviews, make-up or extra classes, breakout rooms, make-up exams
  • MA thesis and PhD dissertation defenses
  • Preparation for an Academic Class Presentation

Contact Events Coordinator roombookings@uvic.ca, local 8128

Internal and external users may contact Non-Academic Bookings for:

  • conferences, 1-3 day seminars, presentations and meetings
  • athletic meetings, courses and clubs, and department groups
  • Senate and Board Room University Centre
  • administrative department bookings
  • lobby areas of the ECS, HHB, ELL, HSD,MAC, SCI and SSM for events also requiring classrooms
  • UVSS Student Club, Course or Professional Development Union Bookings, Advocacy groups
  • university unions, PREA
  • Jeanne S. Simpson property
  • classroom and audio visual cabinet keys

The University of Victoria is an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy a walk through the university gardens or stroll down the hill to the beach.

UVic has 131 rooms of various sizes which may be booked for seminars, lectures, slide presentations, retreats and conferences.

Meeting rooms

For enquiries, please call Non-Academic Bookings at 250-721-8128.

Audio visual equipment, food, beverages and other UVic services can be arranged upon request .

For further information contact:
Room bookings
8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday
Telephone: (250) 721-8128
Fax: (250) 721-8795

CUS history reports are a list of all course offered at UVic before the move the BANNER system (200805). The reports for each faculty are below: