Future graduate students

Professor and student sitting on a bench and looking at an iPad
At the Department of French, graduate students have access to the latest technology to propel their studies and their research

An MA in French will open exciting new doors for your future professional life

Doing an MA in French at the UVic will allow you to expand your knowledge in many fields of study: from Québec literature and culture to African cinema, computer-supported language learning, translation, early modern literature, digital editing of ancient manuscripts, French in North America and around the world, applied French linguistics, interdisciplinary research methods and theories...

Courses offered at the graduate level (either in seminar format or combined with a 400-level course) will vary from one year to the next in order to offer you the widest range of subjects from which to choose. In addition, you will be allowed to take a graduate seminar in another department when the course is directly related to your field of research or study, and you will also be able to take a directed studies graduate course with a faculty member.

In my current position with National Recruitment, I am the one French-speaking member of the team, and I am proud to reach out to even more students across Canada because I speak both national languages. —Lauren Crawford, BA 2009, MA 2011