Undergraduate program

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Taking classes in Paris during the 2013 Field School Program: C'est la vie!

The Department of French offers Honours, Major and General and Minor programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. We also offer a Combined Major in English and French (Canadian Literature) as well as an Undergraduate Certificate in French Language and Cultural Proficiency.

Students interested in pursuing a program in French should consult with a departmental adviser as early as possible.

Program requirements

Pourquoi faire un diplôme Honours ?

Program requirements and application for admission to Honours program

B minimum)

Unlike for our Honours program, no additional units in an language other than French is required.

Pourquoi faire un diplôme en études françaises?

  • One of ENGL 135, 146, 147
  • Three of ENGL 200A, 200B, 200C, 201-203, 207-209
  • FRAN 310
  • Minimum C+ in FRAN 275
  • HIST 230A, 230B
  • FRAN 375
  • 1.5 units of FRAN courses numbered 325 to 340 (with Canadian content) or FRAN 405 with permission
  • 3.0 units of FRAN courses numbered 420 to 470
  • Four courses selected as specified under the English Literature Courses (6.0 units)
  • FRAN 417 (ENGL 458)
  •  9.0 units of Canadian Literature courses (a minimum of 4.5 units in each department): ENGL 450-453, 455-457, 459, 476, FRAN 410-419 (contact the advisor to know your options)

More information on the Combined Major in English and French

  • Language requirement: minimum C+ in FRAN 275
  • Literature requirement: FRAN 280
  • FRAN 375
  • 7.5 additional units (5 courses) at the 300 and/or 400 level, of which only one course in English is allowed (ie. one of FRAN 325, 335, or 340)

Unlike for our Honours program, no additional units in an language other than French is required.

Pourquoi faire une mineure en études françaises?

Certificate in Language and Cultural Proficiency: French

10.5 units total (of which 3.0 may be transfer credits from another institution) consisting of:

  • FRAN 265
  • 6.0 units of language courses (level depending on your background)
  • 3.0 units of FRAN courses related to cultural & intercultural proficiency (these may include additional language units)

More information on our Certificate program

In collaboration with the Department of French, the Faculty of Education at the Unviersity of Victoria offers a wide variety of programs tailored for students wishing to become teachers. If you wish to teach secondary school French and French Immersion, you have the option to take the Diploma in Secondary Teacher Education concurrently with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a French major. Students may apply for this five-year concurrent programs option after completing one year of university-level courses.
For more information please visit the Faculty of Education's website.