Undergraduate courses

Hand holding a book entitled Poésies choisies
Digital books and ancient manuscripts are part of what French students experience at UVic

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Courses Instructors
FRAN 100: Intensive French I    Christine Wadge
FRAN 300 (Hybride) Stephen Martin
FRAN 325 ONLINE: Le Tour de France (in English)                                      Emile Fromet de Rosnay
FRAN Instructors
100: Intensive French I
Christine Wadge
120: Elementary French Annye Castonguay
160: Words in Context Annye Castonguay
180: Intensive French III Stephen Martin / Annye Castonguay
200: Introduction to French Linguistics Sada Niang
250: Experiencial Learning Marc Lapprand
275 A01: French Writing I
Émile Fromet de Rosnay
275 A02: French Writing I (Hybride Format) Catherine Caws
280: Literary Texts I Stephen Martin
375: Writing French II Emmanuel Hérique
385: French Syntax and Semantics Emmanuel Hérique
390: Critical Methods Hélène Cazes
400: Advanced Studies in French Linguistics Catherine Caws
423: Contemporary Francophone Caribbean Novel Sada Niang
Courses Instructors
100: Intensive French I Christine Wadge
120: Intensive French II Christine Wadge
150:Elementary Oral French Stephen Martin
160:Words in Context Emmanuel Hérique
180: Intensive French III Catherine Léger / Stephen Martin
200: Introduction to French Linguistics Catherine Léger
250: Experiential Learning Marc Lapprand
275: Wrinting French I Marie Vautier
280: Literary Texts I Stephen Martin
310: Literary Texts II Émile Fromet de Rosnay
350: Advanced Oral French Emmanuel Hérique
375:Writing French II Sada Niang
417: Comparative Studies in Contemporary French and English Candian Literature Marie Vautier
436: Renaissance Prose Hélène cazes
453: Decadence and Symbolism Émile Fromet de Rosnay