School of Child and Youth Care

Alan Pence with graduating students

Going international through a virtual university

The Early Childhood Development University (ECDVU) is an innovative internationally recognized program operating within the school. While based locally, the ECDVU network and its impact are global.

Jennifer White

Researching pathways to recovery for youth

What do youthful survivors of suicide need—and want—from professionals, family members and other concerned adults in their lives? Suicide prevention and recovery has been the focus of associate professor Jennifer White's research over the last two decades.

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Jessica Ball

2016 Provost's Engaged Scholar Award

Jessica Ball (left) named one of the 2016 recipients of the Provost’s Engaged Scholar Award..  Read more. . .

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Digital Indigenous Studies Project

Jeffery Ansloos!

Congratulations to Dr. Jeffery Ansloos, who was recently awarded a fellowship in the Digital Native American and Indigenous studies project (DNAIS). Read More...

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Jin-Sun Yoon

Professor awarded for teaching excellence

Named as a 2015 3M National Teaching Fellow by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and 3M Canada, Jin-Sun Yoon shows heartfelt dedication to supporting students and practitioners in developing an ethical and mindful approach to professional practice. She provides an optimal learning environment where inclusion and belonging are the foundation.  Read more...

Debbie Robinson

Got a question? Contact us!

Debbie Robinson, one of our friendly and helpful program assistants, calls herself a "modern secretary," building sites for online classrooms, updating them continuously and facing new technological challenges on a regular basis.

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Making a difference in the lives of children, youth, families and communities

Bachelor of Child and Youth Care Applications are now open.  Apply today!

Connect with a diverse and dynamic group of students and faculty who will make a difference in the lives of children, youth, families and communities. Challenge yourself through our courses taught and/or developed by internationally recognized academics.

The School of Child and Youth Care offers a rich educational experience that supports practice and research with children, youth families and communities who are experiencing challenges. Our faculty, students and staff are involved in multiple local, national and international research and educational initiatives. Our mission statement and mutually agreed values guide our work.

The school would like to extend congratulations to the following 2014-2015 graduate award winners:

Scott Kouri, PhD
Catherine Taylor, MA

UVic Graduate Awards:
Maryn Hanmer, PhD
Nicole Land, PhD
Stephanie Brockett, PhD
Jenny McGrath, PhD
Shemine Gulamhusein, PhD
Thais Amorim, PhD
Alex Berry, MA
Angela Scott, MA
Christopher Goodman, MA
Erin Mirau, MA
Kierstyn Butler, MA
Kainaz Cowasjee, MA
Matthew Hillman, MA
Stephanie Hayes, MA

Outstanding Graduate Entrance Scholarship:
Patrick Murphy, MA

President’s Research Awards:
Scott Kouri, PhD

Discovery Program for Youth and Family Addiction Services Scholarship:
Christopher Goodman, MA

Darlene Scott Scholarship:
Stephanie Hayes, MA
Brandy Komor, BCYC

Agnes Shahariw Memorial Scholarship:
Nicole Land, PhD
Narda Nelson, MA

The school would like to extend congratulations to the following 2014-2015 undergraduate award winners:

UVic Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship:
Chantal Adams, BCYC
Alexander Brame, BCYC
Emily Clare, BCYC
MacKenzie Doherty, BCYC
Shianne Johnson, BCYC
Ciana Marcellus-Poole, BCYC
Jaime Senay, BCYC
Morgan Swift, BCYC
Ainslee Arthurs, BCYC

Child and Family Counselling Association of Greater Victoria:
Brandy Komor, BCYC

UVic Excellence Scholarship:
Alexandra Harrison, BCYC
Emily Hellard, BCYC

UVic Excellence Scholarship Renewal:
Annika Benoit-Jansson, BCYC
Nathaniel Demetrius, BCYC
Chrystal-Lynn Woytowich, BCYC

Chuck Curtis Memorial Award:
Emily Brockhurst, BCYC

Council of International Schools Scholarship:
Dechen Lama, BCYC

Howard Petch Scholarship:
Stephanie Tiede, BCYC

Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award:
Laura Sharp, BCYC
Annika Benoit-Jansson, BCYC

Jarmila Vlasta Von Drak Thouvenelle Scholarship:
Brandy Komor, BCYC

Jess Wallace Munroe Scholarship:
Sasha Routley, BCYC

John Locke Malkin Entrance Scholarship Renewal:
Derek Wilson, BCYC

Percy H. Elliot Memorial Scholarship:
Brandy Komor, BCYC

President’s Scholarship:
Kirsten Ostler, BCYC
Melanie Van Eyk, BCYC

Professional Employees Association (PEA) Scholarship:
Julie Laliberte, BCYC

Ramona Williams Memorial Scholarship in CYC:
Thelma David, BCYC
Jessica Day, BCYC

Robert and Norah Wallace Commemorative Scholarship:
Sasha Routley, BCYC

Robert S. Evans Memorial Scholarship in CYC:
Annika Benoit-Jansson, BCYC

UVic Faculty Scholarship:
Sasha Routley, BCYC

UVic Transfer Scholarship:
Amira Abdel-Malek, BCYC
Mandy Daly, BCYC
Anna Schellenberg, BCYC
Jasmine Thandi, BCYC
Karissa Everett, BCYC
Sean Henry, BCYC
Nancy Postnikoff, BCYC
Emily Delbecchi, BCYC
Haley Powell, BCYC
Danica Ryan, BCYC
Dawne Kaleniuk, BCYC
Amara Edgar-Hoffman, BCYC
Meaghan Narine-Singh, BCYC
Melvin Forgues, BCYC
Helen Keulen, BCYC

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The School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria is a vibrant and diverse academic program that is dedicated to supporting child, youth, family and community wellbeing through relevant, cutting edge research and interdisciplinary scholarship; effective advocacy and leadership; high quality and innovative teaching; a strong and dedicated focus on practice; and a commitment to social justice in local, national and international contexts.

We are committed to addressing the most pressing issues facing children, youth and families today, and welcome theoretical frameworks and practice traditions that challenge exclusionary constructions of children, youth, and families. Student learning is a top priority and we place a strong emphasis on supporting Indigenous student success through culturally responsive teaching and support.  Reflecting the values of our field, we recognize the importance of creating a culture of learning, mutual respect, and accountability.