BCom application

Please ensure your BCom supplemental documents are complete before filling in the Supplemental Application form. 
Copy and paste the documents you create into a single document in the following order and save your document using one of the following File Formats:

* preferred file extension.

Supplemental Documents include:

1. Current Resumé

(If you would like to use the Gustavson resume template click here.)

2. Other Experiences

Submit written responses to each of the following (no word limit):

  1. Leadership skills — Describe what you have done and how you demonstrate leadership skills
  2. Extra-curricular Activities — Describe your involvement in school and/or community organizations, clubs or teams
  3. Initiative and Creativity — Describe ways you have demonstrated your initiative and creativity
  4. Achievements — Describe the awards, achievements or recognition you have earned

3. Goals

Submit a written response to the following (maximum 350 word limit):
Our Commerce degree program has features, including experiential learning, international exchange and specializations, which characterize it from others. Please describe your interest in our program. Include how the Gustavson differentiating features might contribute to your personal learning and future career goals.

New Applicant to UVic 

Current or Returning UVic Student