Why are you motivated to join the business program? We'd like to get a fuller picture of who you are through your record of academic grades and through your supplemental application. The assessment of your application will be as follows:

Every year, our application deadline is Feb. 28.

Application criteria

How do I apply?

Additional information

Supplemental application

Application Criteria

I am a high school student

To apply for Year 1 admission, your application will be assessed on:

Note: Meeting the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee admission to the BCom program. Once you have applied, and upon receipt of final grades from Undergraduate Admissions, conditional offers will be confirmed.

I am a first-year college or university student

To apply for Year 2 admission, your application will be assessed on course work completed by the application deadline (Feb. 28), namely:

I am a second-year college or university student

To apply for Year 3 admission (direct entry into the BCom core), your application will be assessed on course work completed by the application deadline (Feb. 28), namely:

Note: To apply for direct entry into the BCom core, you must have completed all the required courses and have completed a minimum of 27.0 units* of course work by April of the year in which you are applying.

I am a student of a two-year Hospitality Management Diploma

Applicants from two-year hospitality management or hotel and restaurant administration diploma programs may be eligible for direct entry to the BCom core (Year 3), if they meet specific criteria.

How do I apply?

High school students and transfer students

If you are a new student to UVic you will complete your UVic application online, at which time you will upload your BCom supplemental application.

Current or returning UVic students

If you are a current or returning UVic student you will also complete your BCom application online through My UVic Application. You will upload your BCom supplemental application at that time.

Note: you are considered a returning student if you have attended UVic in the past but have not been registered in the two most recent consecutive sessions (summer and winter).

Additional information

Pre-commerce requirements

Prior to starting the BCom core in Year 3, all BCom students must complete five required courses (7.5 units) and 22.5 units of non-commerce electives. These courses are referred to as pre-commerce requirements. Make sure you familiarize yourself with them so that you plan your courses adequately for your application.

Transfer credit equivalency

Students transferring from other institutions in British Columbia should consult the BC Transfer Credit Guide for assistance with determining transferability of courses. Students from outside British Columbia may wish to contact the faculty for informal assistance and recommendations.

Note: transfer credit will be formally assessed by Undergraduate Admissions once a UVic application has been submitted.

Limitation of commerce credit and course waivers

Students intending to transfer to the BCom program from another institution should be aware that a maximum of 4.5 units of commerce-related courses may be used as part of the 30 units of pre-commerce courses. Students are expected to complete all of the required courses and will not be granted waivers from any courses in the BCom program based on previous credit. UVic students: please note COM 220, COM 240, COM 250, and COM 270 cannot be used for credit in the BCom program.

Computer literacy

You are expected to have computer competence in MS Office applications, email and web browsing. Commerce courses require you to use a variety of software including word processing, database, presentation (PowerPoint) and spreadsheet software. Instruction on any required software will not be provided in courses.

CSC 105 provides a good foundation for business students and is a recommended course.

Supplemental Application

Please prepare your BCom supplemental application by providing the following information saved in one single .pdf file.

 Supplemental Documents include the following 3 items:

1. Current résumé

Please refer to the Gustavson résumé template here for the résumé components. You are welcome to use this template or your own layout (two pages maximum).

2. Personal statement

What are the three things that you want us to know about you, and how will these contribute to your success in university and our BCom program? (Minimum 250 words, paragraph format.)

3. One of the following:

Our BCom program has features, including experiential learning, international exchange and specializations, which differentiate it from others. Which differentiating feature of our BCom program appeals to you the most and why? (Minimum 100 words, paragraph format.)


At the Gustavson School of Business, we see things differently. Please tell us: What change would you like to see in the world and how can you contribute to this change? (Minimum 100 words, paragraph format.)