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//GeographyDepartment of Geography of Graduate Studies/graduatestudiesYes/graduatestudies/admissions/admissions/index.phpApply for admissionMastersOn-campus2Not applicableNoneGeography spans and integrates physical, social, biological sciences, and humanities. New theories and technologies energize geography, and the discipline has changed enormously over the past few decades. Geography careers run the gamut: remote sensing, geographic information systems, environmental sciences, resource management, conservation, urban planning, sustainability, medical geography. Our graduates work with new and complex challenges as they emerge—in the environment, the community and in the world around us./ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS Prerequisite Minimum standing BA, BSc B+; geography honours or major Applicants must also meet the general admission requirements for the Faculty of Graduate Studies. APPLICATION DEADLINES Entry point Domestic students International students January ongoing (until full) ongoing (until full) May ongoing (until full) ongoing (until full) September ongoing (until full) NOTE: only applications received by January 15th will be eligible to be considered to receive funding ongoing (until full) NOTE: only applications received by January 15th will be eligible to be considered to receive funding EXAMS AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS Statement of research intent For details, please consult the Geography website

Program advisers

Department directory

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Reception Jeremy Bubiak 250-721-7327 DTB B203
Department Secretary Diane Braithwaite 250-721-7357 DTB B203
Graduate Studies Secretary Darlene Li 250-721-7350 DTB B204
FAX 250-721-6216
Chair Johannes Feddema 250-721-7325 DTB B203
Administrative Officer Kathie Merriam 250-721-7326 DTB B203b
Systems Analyst Richard Sykes 250-721-7361 DTB A250
Senior Lab Instructor Terri Evans 250-472-4750 DTB A241
Senior Lab Instructors John Fowler 250-472-5485 DTB A243
Senior Lab Instructor Kinga Menu 250-721-7346 DTB B304
Sen. Lab Instr. and Undergraduate Advisor Philip Wakefield 250-472-4269 DTB B302
Technical Services Ken Josephson 250-721-7343 DTB B209a
Map Library LIB 154
Department Publications Diane Braithwaite 250-721-7357 DTB B203

Co-operative education opportunities

What is co-op?

Co-operative education (co-op) is a learning strategy that lets you:

  • alternate your academic studies with paid, relevant work experience in your field of study
  • enrich your academic studies by drawing on practical, real-world experience from your work terms
  • develop competencies to excel in the workplace
  • potentially pursue work terms related to your graduate research or project
Can you do co-op?

Graduate co-op may be available to students who are pursuing thesis and non-thesis (or professional) degrees. Participation is optional, and admission is determined after consultation with your graduate adviser and department. Contact the co-op program in your degree area for details, or email

Note: Co-op is not open to one-year graduate degrees, graduate certificates and diplomas, and non-degree graduate students.

What other career development support does UVic offer?

UVic Co-op and Career can support you through every stage of your career development, through:

Looking for work?

Apply for all types of job opportunities at

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