Ron Podhorodeski

Ron Podhorodeski


B.Sc., (University of Manitoba); M.Sc., (University of Manitoba); Ph.D., (University of Toronto); P.Eng.; F.C.S.M.E.

Contact Information

Engineering Office Wing, Room 511
Tel: 250-721-8696
Fax: 250-721-6051

Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory (RAM)

Research Areas

Research Description

Dr. Podhorodeski and his research asso-ciates are concerned with the design and implementation of manipulation devices including robots and mechanisms. Re-search is performed on both analysis and synthesis topics.

Recent robotics projects (industrial part-ner and/or sponsoring agency) include:

Recent mechanism projects include:

Ron P. Podhorodeski has established the Robotics and Mechanisms (RAM) Laboratory at the University of Victoria. He is a reviewer for several International Jour-nals and for NSERC. Dr. Podhorodeski is an executive member of the Canadian Committee for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (CCToMM).