Faculty of Education Research on Video Games, Youth, and Civic Engagement Makes Academica's Top Ten List- June 2013

Congratulations to UVic Faculty of Education researcher Dr. Kathy Sanford. At Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2013, Dr. Sanford presented research findings demonstrating that there may be an upside to video gaming.  In her five-year research project, Dr. Sanford found playing video games allowed youth to develop skills, such as critical thinking, leadership, and ethical decision-making, that could be transferred to their real life school and work experiences.  Video gaming could also help youth to become more active and civically engaged citizens.  Dr. Sanford was interviewed about her research by the Globe and Mail.  This article was then picked up by Academica who included it in their daily digest of the top ten pieces of news affecting post-secondary education in Canada.