Hire a student

We can help you hire UVic students and graduates—either as part of our acclaimed co-op program or through independent postings for full-or part-time positions, casual work, volunteer opportunities or tutoring.

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Why hire UVic co-op students?

UVic students can make an ideal addition to your workplace—they’re bright, skilled, highly motivated and trained in the newest theories and technologies.

Support when you need it

As a co-op employer, you'll have year-round hiring access to hundreds of enthusiastic, highly capable student employees. Co-op students can help you undertake extra projects and lend relief to your regular staff during peak periods and when you need a bit of extra help. They also study a wide range of subjects, so you’ll be able to find your perfect fit.

Co-op as part of a successful recruitment strategy

Many employers see co-op as an extended interview to evaluate students for potential future employment—one third of employers hire their former co-op students after graduation. Our students have undergone academic screening and a workplace preparation process, and they're keen to contribute in a workplace setting.

Partners in education

When you become a co-op employer, you also become a valued UVic partner—helping to train the next generation of graduates for the workforce. We'll let you know about events and opportunities to connect, and you’ll have the chance to exchange ideas and even undertake joint research with the university.

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