Budget and Academic planning: How to optimize resources

June 10, 2013 - University Budget Planning Update

As you are aware, the University of Victoria Board of Governors approved a balanced budget framework on March 27, 2012. Click to view the 2012/2013 to 2014/2015 planning and budget framework document.

Each Dean will lead the budget planning process in his or her Faculty.  During the past two months, Deans have been working with the VPAC office under the leadership of Associate Vice-President Academic Planning and Associate Vice-President Student Affairs to explore opportunities for optimization of resources within the academic sector. Specifically, we focused on how we can have smart growth. We discussed how we can strategically grow our programs to achieve our undergraduate and graduate enrollment targets. We also explored how we can make improvements to curriculum without sacrificing quality and focusing on strategic areas of focus. Finally, we considered how we can be flexible, adaptable and explored opportunities to do things differently in under the current budget environment.

In order to accomplish this task, we explored three questions:

  1. How we are using our classrooms and scheduling our classes?
  2. How we are assigning teaching responsibility?
  3. Whether our curriculum is best designed to achieve quality (e.g. identifying learning outcomes and articulating how we are achieving them)?

We have developed tools to explore these opportunities for optimization and they are available here. Please note access to some documents requires your netlink id and password.

Quality Exercise Summary

Presentation on Smart Growth

  • On March 2, 2012, Dr. Attis provided an overview for discussing smart growth and his presentation was titled "Using Academic and Enrollment Planning as a means of surviving and thriving during a period of resource constraint".
  • Please click on the screen shot to view a recorded version the presentation.

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Smart Growth at UVic

  • Dr. Catherine Mateer, AVP Academic Planning and Tony Eder, Director, Institutional Planning, presented on areas where academic programs currently appear to have opportunties for "smart growth". The presentation provided background for discussing challenges and opportunties to enhance both efficiency and quality of our academic goals.
  • For further information please see their presentation (you will need your netlink id and password to access this document).

Strategic Enrolment Management

In order to manage enrolment targets, the Faculty of Social Sciences has been using strategic enrolment management. Defined teaching capacity has been a key tool to manage allocation of faculty teaching resources. The Faculty also developed workload substitution guidelines to provide a fair balance between scholarship, teaching and service. Dr. Michael Webb, Associate Dean, Academic, is available to consult with units, departments and Faculties to provide further detail on strategic enrolment management.


Curriculum planning

  • Teresa Dawson, Director, Learning and Teaching provided an overview of the services and resources available for curriculum and instructional support. Teresa is available to consult with individual faculty, units, departments and Faculty to conceptualize intergrated programs and facilitate curricular redesign.
  • For further information, please see her presentation. A number of departments have already taken advantage of the services available and you can contact Teresa Dawson at tdawson@uvic.ca to arrange curricular planning retreat for your program.

Data workshops

  • The Office of  Institutional Planning and Analysis will be offering workshops and can assist with analysis to support faculty, department and units in their planning process. Dates for the workshops are yet to be determined and further information will be posted on this site. In the meantime, if specific information or data analysis is required to support planning process, please contact Tony Eder, Director, Institutional Planning and Analysis at teder@uvic.ca.

Contacts for information and advice

Kristi Simpson | AVP Financial Planning and Operations

Office of the Vice-President Finance and Operations

Tel: 250.721.6385 | ksimpson@uvic.ca

• Review of faculty, department and unit budget

• Strategic advice on planning

Dr. Michael Webb | Associate Dean, Academic

Faculty of Social Sciences

Tel: 250.853.3938 | soscasdn@uvic.ca

• Information about Faculty of Social Sciences strategic enrolment management

• Defined Teaching capacity

• Faculty of social sciences workload substitution guidelines

Teresa Dawson | Director

Learning and Teaching Centre

​Tel: 250.721.8572 | tdawson@uvic.ca

• Curriculum design and alignment

• Integration of programs

Tony  Eder | Director

Department of Institutional Planning and Analysis

Tel: 250.721.8027 | teder@uvic.ca

• Analytical services for planning

• Enrolment projections

• Class utilization analysis

Catalin Abu | Administrative Budget Officer

Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost

Tel: 250.721.6689 | calbu@uvic.ca

• Strategic advice on budget management and academic planning

• Operational budget management