Vice-President Academic and Provost


Dr. Reeta Tremblay

Phone: 250-721-7626
Fax: 250-721-7216
University of Victoria, PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Administrative Services Building (ASB), A265
Victoria BC V8W 2Y2 Canada

Administrative and professional experience

Dr. Reeta Tremblay is the Vice President Academic and Provost at the University of Victoria and is a Professor of Political Science.  Dr. Tremblay came to UVic from Memorial University in Newfoundland where she served as Vice President (Academic) and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Pro Tempore (July 1, 2009 to October 2010) and as Dean of the Faculty of Arts (August 2006 to June 2009). She was the Chair of the Political Science Department at Concordia University in Montreal from 1998-2005.

Dr. Tremblay holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Chicago. She also holds  an MPhil degree from the Jawharlal Nehru University, India. She has authored or co-authored  six books and more than 30 articles and several reviews.   She has been recognized for her exceptional teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels and has received the Concordia University Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2002. Her SSHRC funded research includes projects on comparative federalism in the South Asian region where she explores the relationship between territorial and cultural identities and examines the tensions and contradictions between formal and informal nationalisms. Her work is widely reviewed and cited—in particular her writings on Kashmir and India-Pakistan relations, a subject on which she is widely considered to be the leading North American expert. She is at present engaged in research on negotiating and renegotiating citizenship by first and second generation immigrants in Victoria, BC. The first phase of the project is looking at the Chinese community settled from 1940s onwards in the greater Victoria region. Here recent publications include: “Beyond Parochialism and Domestic Preoccupation: The Current State of Comparative Politics in Canada”  Canadian Journal of Political Science (2013) and “Labor Migration, Citizenship, and Social Welfare in China and India” (2013). Dr. Tremblay has held several distinguished professional positions in the academic community. She is the Past President of the Canadian Political Science Association and is a member of the Board.

As Provost, Dr. Tremblay leads the University of Victoria's integrated planning process in setting  the strategic directions and academic priorities of the University.  As the chief academic officer, she is responsible for providing academic leadership to the university. Positions reporting to her include 12 deans, the university librarian, and the director of institutional planning. The Vice President Academic and Provost is committed to ensuring outstanding experiences for students and fostering an environment of academic excellence and innovation which among other things include integrating teaching, learning, research and civic engagement across the disciplines; advancing inspired teaching in our classrooms; championing equity and diversity excellence across campus; recruiting and retaining faculty of the highest national and international standards and supporting rewarding career development for faculty, librarians and academic leaders.

Through four associate vice-presidents, the portfolio also includes responsibility for the Office of the Registrar, Enrolment Services, Student Services, Campus Services, Athletics and Recreation, Office of Indigenous Affairs, Co-operative Education and CareerServices, International Office, Equity and Diversity Adviser and the Learning and Teaching Centre.

Curriculum vitae

  • Chair, Deans' Council
  • Chair, Senate Planning Committee
  • Chair, Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Awards Committee
  • Chair, Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery Advisory Committee
  • Chair, Blue and Gold Awards Committee
  • Chair, University Committee on Information Technology
  • Member/Chair of search committees for Associate Vice-Presidents Academic and Legal Affairs, Deans, Executive Director of Cooperative Education, Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre, University Librarian, Administrative Registrar, Director of Institutional Planning and Analysis
  • Member of Senate
  • Member, Campus Development Committee
  • Member of Planning and Priorities Committee
  • Member, President's Advisory Council
  • Member, President's Executive Council
  • Member, Negotiations Coordinating Committee

Reporting to the president and vice-chancellor, the vice-president academic and provost is the senior vice-president. When the president is absent or unable to act, the vice-president academic and provost is acting president. The vice-president academic and provost has overall responsibility for all of the activities of the office of the VP Academic and Provost (VPAC).

The heads of academic units report to and through the vice-president academic and provost; the reporting relationships are outlined in our organizational chart. Through the board of governors, the vice-president academic and provost has responsibility for faculty appointments, faculty salary awards and faculty development. Through the director, she also has responsibility for the operation of the Learning and Teaching Centre. The adviser on information technology and the adviser on women report to the vice-president academic and provost. All human resource matters related to UVic faculty are the provost's responsibility, including approval of all forms of leave.