Resource Centre for Students with a Disability

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Resource Centre for Students with a Disability

This website provides information for students, faculty, staff and parents on the programs, services and support we offer to students and faculty to facilitate accessible learning.

Why should I register with the RCSD?

Are you a student with a learning disability, ADHD, mental health issue or long-term recurring physical or sensory disability? Do you have chronic health issues? 

If you do, and you want to be part of our programs, need support with accessing your courses, or need academic accommodations to address barriers to your education, you need to register with the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability (RCSD).

After you register, we’ll work with you, your instructors and others to create learning environments that are equitable, inclusive and usable.

Who registers with the RCSD?

Students who encounter barriers to academic goals or who are requesting academic accommodations.

Chart showing the accessibility issues for students registered with the RCSD. Mental Health 27%; ADD/ADHA 24%; Learning Disabilities 23%; Physical Mobility 7%; Chronic Health 6%; Acquired Brain Injury 5%; Autism Spectrum Disorders 3%; Deaf or Hard of Hearing 2%; Neurological 1%; Other 0%
Registered Accessibility Issues