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Dr. Dante Canil
Dr. Dante Canil, Award for Teaching Excellence, 2013-14

Science recognizes the quality and impact of our faculty annually by presenting an Award for Teaching Excellence.

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2013-14 Award for Teaching Excellence

Dante Canil (Earth and Ocean Sciences)

Dante joined SEOS in 1994 when the School was in the early stages of developing its undergraduate programs. Although he was a young scientist with limited teaching experience, Dante immediately made instrumental contributions to the curriculum, developing from scratch many of our core earth-science courses, labs, and field trips.

Since that time, Dante has taught a variety of classes, including 9 undergraduate and 3 graduate courses. Dante has taught both of SEOS’s Field Schools, each of which involves two weeks of practical geologic experience outside of the classroom. He also supervises and mentors many graduate, honours, and co-op students.

It is noteworthy that Dante is not only an outstanding teacher, but also an exceptional researcher, and that he brings his research into the classroom. In 2011 Dante was named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada cited as “an international leader in the study of the Earth’s mantle,” and in 2012 he won the prestigious Peacock Award of the Mineralogical Association of Canada for “outstanding career contributions to mineral sciences.”

Dante’s passion and natural abilities as a teacher, together with his outstanding knowledge base, meticulous preparation, and genuine concern and respect for individuals make him a well-deserved recipient of this year’s Teaching Excellence Award.

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