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Graduate Professional Certificates


The School of Public Administration offers Graduate Professional Certificates in these fields:

  • Library Sector Leadership
  • Cultural Sector Leadership
  • Evaluation


The four-course, part-time Graduate Certificate and the four-course plus final project Graduate Diploma program are designed for working professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills and want to practice evaluation in a wide range of public sector and non-profit organizations. Delivered entirely online, the two programs can be completed together in less than two years, taking one course per semester.

Students in the Evaluation programs will learn alongside professionals who are currently working in evaluation-related fields as well as with new professionals who are building the knowledge and skills to start a career in this area. The Graduate Certificate Program is also intended for managers who have substantial responsibilities for evaluation-related functions in their organizations.

Library Sector Leadership and Cultural Sector Leadership Certificates

The five-course, part-time programs are designed for working professionals looking to develop their leadership and management skills. Delivered almost entirely online, the programs can be completed in less than two years.

Evaluation Programs

The Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Evaluation are both designed for students who are either entering their professional careers as evaluators or for mid-career professionals working in the evaluation field as government or non-profit employees or as consultants.

The Graduate Certificate and Diploma Programs are complementary - students will be admitted to the Graduate Certificate in Evaluation Program starting in September of a given year and will have the option of continuing on and completing the Graduate Diploma in Evaluation. The capstone course in the Diploma will involve each student working with a client to develop and execute an evaluation. These projects will be supervised by a faculty member or a team of faculty members.

The two programs:

  • build knowledge and skills in essential methodologies, theoretical approaches and applications in evaluation and performance measurement
  • apply a working knowledge of both qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies
  • are designed to build the evaluator competencies identified by the Canadian Evaluation Society as part of professionalizing evaluation practice in Canada.
  • build an understanding of the role that economic analysis plays in evaluation, including cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis
  • offer an opportunity to acquire more advanced knowledge and skills that relate econometric applications to evaluation
  • provide students who complete the Diploma, with a hands-on understanding of the application of evaluation methodologies in an actual evaluation project by working with a client to complete a practical, useable evaluation

The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) has implemented a credentialing process that will make it possible for persons interested in acquiring a professional evaluator designation to combine education, training and experience to become a Credentialed Evaluator. Information about becoming a Credentialed Evaluator is available at:

In the last several years, CES has also been engaged with Treasury Board Secretariat in the Federal Government of Canada to develop ways of meeting the current and anticipated shortages of evaluators in the Federal Government. An agreement to create a Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education (CUEE) was reached in 2008. The School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria is a founding member of CUEE and is the Secretariat for the organization. The Graduate Certificate and Diploma Programs are a part of CUEE's commitment to creating more opportunities for students and practitioners to acquire the skills and knowledge to become professional evaluators.

Library Sector Leadership

The Graduate Professional Certificate in Library Sector Leadership is designed for librarians in management and leadership roles in Canada's public, private, and government libraries.

The program has been developed in partnership with leaders in the University of Victoria Library. It is focused on meeting the demands from professional librarians for comprehensive training in management, leadership and business skills.

"...when professional librarians were asked to provide the type of training they felt they would need to move into a higher level position, by far the most predominant response was training in management, leadership, and business skills." - The Future of Human Resources in Canadian Libraries (8Rs Research Team, U of A, 2005) p.135

Cultural Sector Leadership

The Graduate Professional Certificate in Cultural Sector Leadership is designed for professionals in management and leadership roles in museums, art galleries, the performing arts, heritage sites and heritage conservation.

The program:

  • builds management and leadership skills
  • builds networks and an online community with active professionals in the cultural sector
  • delivers accessible and relevant coursework for students working in the cultural sector

The Graduate Professional Certificate program was developed in partnership with the Cultural Resource Management program at the University of Victoria. It is focused on the unique challenges of public sector management within Canada's cultural sector.

"In cultural organizations - as in organizations of every kind - leadership can be transformative. Rarely, though, are leaders born to lead. Most leaders acquire and sharpen their skills through training and experience.... enabling individuals to set and achieve ever-higher and more community relevant goals for themselves and their organizations."- Stephen Weil, emeritus senior scholar, Center for Museum Studies at the Smithsonian Institution.

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