Faculty and staff directories

Jim Anglin

James Anglin, BA (Car), MSW (Brit Col), PhD (Leicester)

Phone: 250-472-4644
Email: janglin@uvic.ca
Visit James Anglin's web page

Research interests: Assessment of education and training needs in human services, parent education and parent support, qualitative research approaches, grounded theory, international child and youth care, residential child and youth care, quality assurance in child and family services, child advocacy and youth in care

Jeffrey Ansloos

Jeffrey Paul Ansloos, BA (TWU), MA, MAT, PhD (Fuller), Postgrad Residency (Manitoba)

Phone: 250-721-7990
Email: ansloos@uvic.ca 
Visit Jeffrey Ansloos' web page
Research Webpage: www.youthpeace.ca

Research interests: Critical youth studies; Violence prevention; Evolving digital ecologies of youth identities, communities and cultures; Discourses on youth movements and politicization (activism, radicalization, social responsibility, civic engagement, peacebuilding, justice); Narrative and communitarian ethics; Indigenous, Migrant, and LGBT2 youth; Mental Health; Qualitative, digital, and arts-based research.

Sibylle Artz 

Sibylle Artz, BA, MA, PhD (UVic)

Phone: 250-721-6472

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Research interests: The theory practice relationship in human and social development, the process of reflection in action, at risk children and adolescents, adolescent females’ use of violence, youth violence prevention 

Jessica Ball
Jessica Ball, BA (UBC), MA, MPH, PhD (Berkeley)

Phone: 250-472-4128
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Watch Jessica Ball's Faces of UVic Research video

Research interests: Cultural ecologies of child development, Indigenous children and families, early childhood care and development, father involvement, community-based research partnerships, early

Sandrina de Finney 
Sandrina de Finney, BA, PhD (UVic)

Phone: 250-721-6372
Visit Sandrina de Finney's web page

Research interests: Processes of racialization and youth identities, Aboriginal, ethnic minority and immigrant youth, youth participation in practice and research, community development and community-based practice

Nevin Harper

Nevin Harper, BA (Oregon), MA (RRU), PhD (Minnesota)

Phone: 250-472-4770
Email: njharper@uvic.ca
Visit Nevin Harper's website page

Research interests: outdoor and adventure-based education and therapy; human-environmental relationships; experiential and environmental education; ecopsychology; land- and place-based knowledge and experiences; youth and emerging adult development.

Marie Hoskins

Marie Hoskins, BA (UBC), MEd, PhD (UVic)

Phone: 250-721-7982
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Research interests: Adolescent girls' development/eating disorders, family counselling, identity issues



Valerie Kuehne, BScN (Alta), MEd (Loyola), MA, PhD (Northwestern)

Phone: 250-472-5474
Visit Valerie Kuehne's web page

Research interests: Intergenerational caregiving, child development & human development through the life course, multidisciplinary practice with children and families

Doug Magnuson

Doug Magnuson, BA (Bethel), MA, PhD (U of MN)

Phone: 250-721-6479
Visit Doug Magnuson's website

President, Child & Youth Care Educational Accreditation Board of Canada

Research interests: how professionals think about and use data in their practice, qualitative and quantitative methods for evaluating and interpreting practice; youth transition conferencing; street-involved youth; child welfare.

Shanne McCaffrey

Shanne McCaffrey, BEd (Sask), MA (UVic)

Phone: 250-721-7989

Research interests: Law and human services work, Indigenous psyche in relation to land and territory, Indigenous interests in protected areas

Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw

Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, BA, MEd (York), PhD (Toronto)

Phone: 250-721-6478
Email: vpacinik@uvic.ca
Homepage: http://www.veronicapaciniketchabaw.com/

Visit Veronica's webpage at the Unit for Early Years Research and Development http://web.uvic.ca/%7euccr/

Visit Veronica's Common Worlds Childhoods and Pedagogies Research Collective webpage http://www.commonworlds.net/

Research interests: early childhood studies, common worlds childhoods and pedagogies, (post)colonial and ecological relations in early childhood, decolonizing strategies in early childhood pedagogies, children's relations with places and materials, multispecies relations, children's geographies.

Alan Pence

Alan Pence, BA, MS (Portland St), PhD (Ore)

Phone: 250-590-0999
Visit Alan Pence's web page

Faces of UVic Research

Research interests: Early childhood education, care and development (ECCD); child, community and social development; Indigenous ECCD; promoting capacity in the context of international development.

Jennifer White

Jennifer H. White, BA (UVic), MA, EdD (UBC)

Phone: 250-721-7986
Visit Jennifer White's web page

Research interests: Youth suicide prevention; ethics; discourses of professionalism; constructionist methodologies; collaborative research; narrative practices; professional development; praxis-oriented pedagogy

Jin-Sun Yoon 

Jin-Sun Yoon, BA, MEd (UBC)

Phone: 250-721-6471
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Research interests: Intersectional diversity training, cultural identity development, racialized settler/Indigenous relations

Name Area Contact
Dr. Daniel Scott
PhD (UVic), Emeritus professor
  • Children and adolescent spirituality
  • Spiritual development and the lives of early adolescents
  • Qualitative research: poetic inquiry, autoethnography and narrative
Dr. Gordon Barnes
PhD (York), Emeritus professor
  • Substance use
  • Families, child and youth care
Dr. Roy Ferguson
PhD (Alberta), Emeritus professor
  • Children’s health care and child life practice/environmental design
  • Children with disabilities/special needs and their families
  • Distance education and educational collaboration

Dr. Frances Ricks
PhD (York), Emeritus professor

  • Ethics in child and youth care
  • consciousness, presencing and ethical practice
Name Area
Olatunde Adekola
PhD (Surrey), Adjunct assistant professor
  • Early childhood development (ECD)
  • ECD operational research and education

Carol Amaratunga
PhD (Guelph), Adjunct associate professor

  • Health
  • Women's and family issues

Jophus Anamuah-Mensah
EdD (UBC), Adjunct assistant professor

Anne Becker
PhD (Harvard), MD (Harvard), Adjunct associate professor

  • Cultural mediation of body image and eating disorders in Fiji
  • Social transition and risk for eating disorders in Fiji
  • Global mental health

Nancy Bell
PhD (Glasgow), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Human rights, with emphasis on child and youth rights
  • Socio-legal research and human rights
  • Social policy analysis
  • Human rights monitoring and implementation
  • Public services redress structures
  • Non-traditional remedies and institutional responses to human rights violations
  • Institutional ethnography

Jeremy Berland
MSW (UBC), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Working with families where neglect is a concern
  • Outcome measurement in child welfare
  • Workload measurement
  • Organizational culture

Natasha Blanchet-Cohen
PhD (UVic), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Child and youth agency, participation and resiliency
  • Children's rights
  • Community youth development
  • Child youth friendly cities, governance and planning
  • Environmental action and young people
  • Child-centered evaluation

Larry Brendtro
PhD (Michigan), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Strength-based assessment, treatment and education
  • Building resilience in youth at risk
  • Indigenous youth in the dominant culture
  • Building positive youth cultures
  • From coercive to restorative climates with troubled youth
  • The resilient brain
Terri-Lynn Brennan
Ed.D (Toronto), Adjunct assistant professor
  • Anti-colonialism
  • First Peoples/Indigenous approaches to community development
  • Decolonizing pedagogy
  • Intangible cultural heritage

Roy Brown
PhD (London), Adjunct professor

  • Quality of life for people with disabilities and their families
  • Evaluation of disability service programs
  • Mental imagery amongst persons with disabilities
  • Applying research to practice in the disabilities field
  • Research design in applied research

Catherine A. Cameron
PhD (London), Adjunct professor

  • Cross-cultural studies of verbal deception: Canada/China/Japan/USA comparisons
  • Young children's stress reactivity to a moral choice
  • Ecological studies of development in cultural context: The early years in Canada, Thailand, Italy, UK, Peru, USA and Turkey
  • Day in the life of resilient adolescents in eight locations around the globe: Four communities in Canada paired with communities in India, China, Thailand and South Africa
  • Young children's telephone discourse with family members: Relationships with emergent literacy
  • Evaluation of school-based violence prevention, especially gender-sensitive interventions
  • Resilience during transitions: Early childhood years, early adolescence, and the transition to university
  • Teenagers' perceptions of intimate relationships

Grant Charles
PhD (UVic), Adjunct associate professor

  • Child welfare
  • Young carers
  • Community partnerships
  • Field education and supervision

Margaret Dabor
PhD (Sierra Leone), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Curriculum development
  • Training and policy in Africa
  • Focus on early childhood development (ECD)
  • Girl-child education

Enid Elliot
PhD (UVic), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Bridging theory and practice in early childhood
  • Research that involves children under six, under three, as researchers
  • The complexities of infant and toddler care
  • Natural play spaces in early childhood programs
  • The narratives of early childhood educators
  • Children's play, learning and engagement in the outdoors

Nigel Fisher
PhD (McMaster), Adjunct assistant professor

  • International development
  • Children affected by armed conflict
  • Public policy
  • Public policy
  • Fragile states
  • Poverty and insecurity
  • Innovation and development
  • Comparative development of Canada's Aboriginal communities and countries of the global South

Leslie T. Foster
PhD (Toronto), Adjunct professor

  • Child/youth health and welfare policy development and decision making
  • Youth health and development indicators
  • Mapping health and development indicators
  • Issues related to knowledge transfer for improved decision making

Thom Garfat
PhD (UVic), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Residential CYC practice
  • The therapeutic use of daily life events
  • Engagement with families in CYC practice
  • Relational CYC practice
  • Self in CYC
  • Outcomes that matter in working with young people and families
  • The application of the circle of change

Kiaras Gharabaghi
PhD (Dalhousie), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Life-space intervention
  • Residential care and treatment
  • Education experiences of children and youth in care
  • Social pedagogy models of care
  • Community-based interventions in an international context

Graham Giles
PhD (UBC), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Ethics and ethical inquiry in education
  • Ontology, subjectivity and educational leadership
  • Indigenous epistemologies and approaches to education
  • Indigenous early childhood care and education
  • Innovation in education (especially rural education)
  • Participatory and Indigenous research methodologies, including Indigenous storywork,, dreamwork, participatory video documentation of Oral Tradition
  • Psychoanalytic, poststructural, postcolonial and political theory in educational research

Rebecca Gokiert
PhD (Alberta), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Early childhood measurement and evaluation
  • Validity of screening and assessment processes and tools
  • Cross-cultural approaches to screening and assessment
  • Mixed methodologies and community-based research and evaluation

Jaswant Guzder
PhD (McGill), Adjunct professor

  • Child mental health - high risk children, personality disorder risk
  • Help seeking of families
  • Cultural consultation model of care - minority communities at risk

Nevin Harper
PhD (U of MN), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Outdoor and adventure-based activity
  • Children and nature
  • Experiential teaching and learning
  • Mixed methods and program evaluation
  • Leadership

John Hart
PhD (Southern California), Adjunct associate professor

  • Gender studies/men's issues
  • Fathering
  • Indigenous traditional healing
  • Meditation training for youth health and well-being

B. Denise Hodgins
PhD (UVic), Adjunct assistant professor

  • twenty-first century early childhood education and care pedagogies and research methods
  • materialdiscursive (re)constructions of gender and care
  • pedagogical narrations as a postfoundational methodology
  • children's material relations
  • histories of early childhood education and care 

Elizabeth Jones
PhD (Southern California), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Learning through play
  • Emergent curriculum
  • Active learning for adults
  • Online learning
  • Peacemaking

Sylvia Kind
PhD (UBC), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Early childhood curriculum
  • Children's artistic and expressive languages
  • Studio research and the role of the atelier in early childhood
  • Art practice as living inquiry

Philip C. Lancaster
PhD (Ottawa), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Child soldiers
  • Children affected by armed conflict
  • Sexual and gender-based violence
  •  Political philosophy
  • Genocide

Kofi Marfo
PhD (Alberta), Adjunct professor

  • Early child development, including care and education
  • Development science and social policy
  • Socio-cultural contexts of human development
  • Parent-child interaction
  • Early intervention: program efficacy
  • Critical analysis of applied research
  • Cognition, learning, and instruction
  • Evaluation of educational interventions/innovations
  • Mental retardation/developmental disabilities
  • International perspectives in developmental practice

Gord Miller
PhD (UVic), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Child and youth health promotion
  • Social welfare services and policy development
  • Community youth development
  • School as a setting for health promotion
  • Social determinants of health
  • Adolescent health
  • Collaborative action research
  • Evaluation models and approaches

Wayne Mitic
EdD (State, NY), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Utilization-focused evaluation as it pertains to health promotion programs and services
  • Health promotion planning as it relates to chronic disease prevention

Peter Moss
MA (London), Adjunct associate professor

  • Early childhood services
  • Relationship between early years services, schools, and free-time services
  • Workforce in services for children and young people
  • Leave policies for parents
  • Relationship between care and employment
Michelle Neuman
PhD (Columbia), Adjunct assistant professor
  • International early childhood care and development
  • Child and family policy in comparative perspective
  • Education politics and policy
  • International education development
  • Program evaluation
Janet Newbury
PhD (UVic), Adjunct assistant professor
  • Intergenerational and intercultural engagement
  • Community-based approaches to economic and social development
  • Social justice
  • Suicide prevention
  • Disability
  • Working across differences
  • Participatory action research
  • Qualitative research methods

Augustine Bame Nsamenang
PhD (Ibadan, Nigeria), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Africa's future hope - children and youth

Esther Oduoluwu
PhD (Ibadan), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Early childhood development (ECD)
  • Education and literacy

Carmen Rodriguez
PhD (UVic), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Aboriginal childrearing practices
  • Aboriginal worldviews
  • Bilingual education
  • Identity and child development across cultures
  • Multicultural approaches to teaching and learning

Shlomo Romi
PhD (OISE), Adjunct associate professor

  • Non-formal education, qualification of workers and residential schools
  • Psychological assessment, custody cases and psychological characteristics of dropout and delinquent youth
  • Youth in distress, training workers and therapeutic intervention

Blythe Shepard
PhD (UVic), Adjunct associate professor

  • Rural youth
  • Families and children living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • Training/Supervision of helpers
  • Narrative methodology
  • Child and family responses to natural disasters

Hans Skott-Myhre
PhD (Minnesota), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Globalization
  • Radical youthwork
  • Youth subcultures
  • Philosophy of child and youth studies
  • Body practices and creative force of childhood and youth
  • Children, youth and popular culture
  • Qualitative and ethnographic research methods
  • Post-colonial/post-capitalist subjectivity

Victoria Smye
PhD (UBC), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Access to mental health and addictions care
  • Inequities in access to mental health and addictions care with a particular focus on Aboriginal peoples and women
  • Long term health effects for women leaving intimate partner violence
  • Aboriginal women's experiences of leaving intimate partner violence
  • Suicide prevention

Carol Stuart
PhD (UVic), Adjunct associate professor

  • Professional practice standards
  • Evidence based practice
  • Youth resilience and youth at risk
  • Participatory research and qualitative approaches to research

Beth Blue Swadener
PhD (Wisconsin-Madison), Adjunct professor

  • Decolonization of research in cross-cultural contexts
  • Cultural diversity and an early childhood education
  • Inclusion of children with disabilities
  • Homelessness international context/street children and youth
  • Social policies affecting children and families
Affrica Taylor
PhD (New South Wales), Adjunct professor
  • Geographies of childhood

  • Settler colonial place relations

  • Common worlds childhoods and pedagogies (see webpage: www.commonworlds.net)

  • Children’s multispecies relations

  • Indigenous childhoods and ontologies

Bruce Tobin
PhD (Washington), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Expressive therapies
  • Child abuse and trauma
  • Effects of television on child development
  • Issues in inter-cultural counselling in First Nations communities

Kenneth Tupper
PhD (UBC), Adjunct assistant professor

  • Public Health
  • Health policy
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • History and philosophy of science
  • Drug education
  • Psychedelic studies
  • Ayahuasca studies

Steve Van Bockern
EdD (South Dakota), Adjunct professor

  • Youth placed at risk
  • Strength-based classroom discipline
  • Personal and professional development
  • Best practice teaching and school leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Resiliency

Emily Vargas-Baron
PhD (Stanford), Adjunct associate professor

  • National-level policy planning for integrated early child development
  • Children's needs and responsive programs in crisis and post-crisis nations
  • Educational policy planning and systems development
  • Systems for planning, coordinating, and evaluating national-level integrated early child development systems
  • Early chid development training systems, curriculum, and materials development
  • Parent education systems
Name Professional interests Contact

Janet White, BA, MSc (Nova)

Therapeutic relationships in child and youth care practice; clinical supervision; professional recognition

J.N. Cole Little, PhD (UVic)

Samantha Corrington, BA (UVic), MSc (Nova) scorring@uvic.ca

Katherine Woodhouse, Academic Administrative Officer

BA (UVic)

Phone: 250-721-7980


Kathy Harrison, Undergraduate Adviser

BA (UVic), MA (UVic)

Phone: 250-721-7984

Email: cycadvising@uvic.ca

Samantha Corrington, Practicum Coordinator

BA (UVic), M.Sc. (Nova)

Phone: 250-721-6475


Michelle Koroll, Practicum Coordinator

BA (UVic), MA (UVic)

Phone: 250-721-6371


Christine Shelton, Program Manager of Distance and Distributed Learning

BA (Mount Saint Vincent University), M.Ed. Adult Education (MSVU)

Phone: 250-721-7988


Caroline Green, Graduate Program Assistant

Phone: 250-472-4857

Email:  scycgrad@uvic.ca

Natalie Kelt, Undergraduate Program Assistant

BA (UVic), B. Ed. (UVic)

Phone: 250-721-7979

Email: kelt@uvic.ca

Debbie Robinson, Assistant to the Director

Phone: 250-472-5745