A university of inspiring teaching and engaged learners

A.R. “Elango” Elangovan
A.R. “Elango” Elangovan, professor and director of international programs with the Gustavson School of Business.

UVic is set apart by the quality of our teaching. As one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities, our faculty members bring the latest research findings into their classrooms. At UVic you’ll also find a dynamic creative community where curiosity and exploration are the cornerstones of the learning environment.

Our students are encouraged to see themselves as part of the ongoing scholarly process of discussion and discovery. They are encouraged and challenged to think critically, ask thoughtful questions, learn how to communicate effectively and be engaged in their communities.

Award-winning instruction

With support from the Learning and Teaching Centre, instructors at UVic have become recognized innovators in developing and identifying teaching practices which best support student engagement and success. Teaching excellence is rewarded with teaching awards.

UVic instructors are well represented among the winners of prestigious national Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 3M teaching awards. More than 40 UVic faculty members are fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, the senior national body of distinguished Canadian scholars, artists and scientists. Learn more about external award winners on our honour roll page.

Our teachers inspire learners

A.R. “Elango” Elangovan, professor and director of international programs with the Gustavson School of Business, is among 10 Canadian scholars honoured with a 2012 3M National Teaching Fellowship, and the ninth UVic scholar to receive this honour since its inception. The award recognizes exceptional achievements and contributions by teacher-scholars across Canada.

Students have a deep and abiding respect for Elangovan as both teacher and mentor. “Elango is the sort of person you see in inspirational movies … stories about a dedicated professor or teacher who goes above and beyond to make a difference in students’ lives, but he is real,” says Daniela Alusik, MBA ’09. Read the full story: Inspirational business prof wins major teaching award.


Staff and faculty at the Learning and Teaching Centre discuss a program in which graduate students visit the classes of award-winning UVic teachers.