Master of Global Business (MGB) program

MGB Students
Our Master of Global Business students in Venice, Italy

The Master of Global Business Program Wins Honour

The Master of Global Business (MGB) program has received the Outstanding Program award from the respected Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).

One year, three countries and a global internship

Twelve months to travel in up to four different countries, where you'll live, work, study and experience how business is done globally. Up for the challenge?

This rigorous one-year master's degree in global business is specifically designed for new and recent graduates with a bachelor's degree in business, commerce or management, who want to experience a unique and exciting graduate business education.

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Moving forward with your cohort

You'll start off in Victoria together with students from each path's partner institutions and stay closely-knit as a group for nine months. You'll spend the next three months doing a global internship to help launch your international career.

Your cohort will support and challenge you throughout this life-changing experience.

Choose your path around the world

Our Master of Global Business is the only degree program in Canada that is set in three different countries, among North America, Asia and Europe.

Immerse yourself fully within these diverse business contexts for a well-rounded global business path:

September intake for Path 1 and Path 2. NEW!!! Path 3 intake will begin in January 2015


Julian Legazpi

"Inside the MGB classroom, there is a sense of excitement, a culture of debate and most importantly, a feeling of dynamism. Every day and every class is unique in its objectives. Whether learning about ASEAN investment opportunities in Asia or visiting multinational corporations in Europe, the first-hand experiences we've had in the program have helped form the basis for cultural awareness, and shed some light on business in a foreign context," says Julian Legazpi. 

Legazpi, a 2011 graduate,says that all instructors infused a sense of excitement into the classes by inviting industry professionals to guest-lecture. The program content was fresh and stimulating and class discussions opened them to new ideas. "Many of the projects we have undertaken consistently redefine a hands-on education as each classroom experience has a focus on learning by doing. We've been put in the throes of real business problems and dealt with management issues in projects assigned at all three universities."

Dan McCombe

Daniel McCombe

"In my estimation, about 80% of getting a job abroad is proving you're able to cope and thrive in new international environments. While I was in Austria, I interviewed for my eventual internship in Munich, Germany. Three short months later I was on a train to Cologne for an interview in what would eventually turn into my current position at Mazda's European headquarters," says Daniel McCombe.

McCombe, a 2011 graduate and now working for EADS (parent company of AIRBUS) in Bangalore, India, has reaped the rewards of living and studying abroad in the MGB Program."By physically being in Europe I overcame 80% of the challenge of job-seeking abroad and had all my energy to focus on the 20% that really mattered: making a great first impression through face-to-face networking."


Ben Roberts, MGB '12

"I am working as a Buyer at the Toro Company's World Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Throughout my interview process, a great deal of attention was focused on my MGB experiences, specifically my courses, consulting project, internship and international exposure. I was informed that my job offer was a direct result of my education, global experiences and quotient for potential. I am very grateful for the competitive edge that the MGB Program gave me in such a challenging job market. I would like to thank everyone involved with the MGB Program for all their support, friendships and a truly valuable educational experience that helped me get to where I am today." 

Chelsea Horncastle, MGB '12

"My overall experience in the MGB program has been a whirlwind. I made 37 acquaintances, many of whom I call friends; I have lived in four different countries in less than a year; and I will have a master's at the end. Yes, there were times when I couldn't imagine how I was going to get by, but I found a way. This program stretches you. It provides you with a safety net, but at the same time it challenges you as a person. I can honestly say that I am not the same person who went into this program. I learned so much about others, and most important, about myself. Together we grew. We learned about each other's cultures and how that influences teamwork, perceptions and business. My key take away is that I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again."