Weekend MBA

The Collaborative Edge

In a wickedly complex world, no one person can have all the answers. Individual skills still matter – but how individuals work together matters more. To create and maintain competitive advantage, the new business leaders must be highly skilled, globally connected and culturally aware. They must be able to work on an equal footing with others who have radically different perspectives. In short, they must be able to collaborate.

The UVic Weekend MBA is the MBA reimagined. You will build business skills in a unique environment where you will experience the challenges, and the joys, of working with others. The learning is cohort-based (you share the collaborative experience with the same group of people all the way through your cohort). The program features two short residencies at the start and end of the program, monthly weekend classes held in a number of locations and online learning.

But what makes the UVic Weekend MBA really unique is its focus on collaboration. In addition to all the fundamental business skills, you will have a series of integrative experiences designed to bridge boundaries and develop skills in working with others. The program is taught by expert faculty who believe in experiential learning, so you will not just learn best practices, but how to apply them in real-world settings.

This program will help you become a sophisticated leader who communicates better, connects and works better with others, and transcends geographic, political and interpersonal barriers to develop winning strategies.

Why You Should Consider the UVic Weekend MBA

The world of today is not the world of the past.

  • Global macro trends, such as climate change, economic volatility and political shifts, have a pervasive impact on our lives
  • We are interconnected in ways we could not have imagined only a few decades ago; yet
  • The systems that govern our lives were designed for a simpler world.

Businesses don’t just maximize profits. They are expected to produce benefits for:

  • Customers, in the form of products, services and experiences
  • The community, in the form of positive social impact and risk mitigation, and
  • Financial markets, in the form of healthy returns.

At the same time, competition is fiercer than ever, due to

  • Globalization and free trade
  • Speed of communication, and
  • Disruptive technology that changes traditional business models.

The Structure of the UVic Weekend MBA

Duration: 2 years

Delivery mode: Classroom-based, cohort-based, and augmented with online learning

Schedule: The program begins with an initial week-long residency. This is followed by 20 intensive weekend modules (offered approximately once per month) leading to a week-long International Integrative Management Exercise (IIME) which will take place abroad. The weekend modules will consist of classes scheduled on Friday evenings, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. The program will conclude with a consulting project done individually or in small groups over the last two months and a final week-long residency. Throughout the program, there will be four major bridge projects which will integrate learning across the curriculum and focus on different aspects of collaboration.

Location: Most sessions will take place on campus at the University of Victoria. However, some weekend sessions may be held in other locations in the BC/Alberta region (specific dates and locations yet to be determined). The IIME will take place outside of Canada (specific country yet to be determined).

Program Start Date and Application Dates

Program Start: September 2016

Applications Open: January 15, 2016

Applications Close: May 31, 2016

Note: More detailed information regarding admissions requirement, tuition & fees and the actual program structure will be updated in the coming months.