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MBA students on IIME in India
MBA students on an International Integrative Management Exercise (IIME) in India.

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The UVic MBA program engages you in an intense, integrative, international and experiential learning process. Our cross-functional approach encourages you to find solutions using the skills and knowledge acquired in many subject areas while introducing you to the challenges of conducting business across borders and within diverse groups.

This full-time MBA program takes 13 to 17 months to complete on campus in Victoria, BC.

Foundation module

Also, professional development and leadership course help you to cultivate important management skills and knowledge. Activities include:

Specialization module

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The 2014/15 UVic MBA Resume Book includes resumes of 30 MBA candidates who will graduate in 2014 and 5 candidates that will graduate in 2014.  30 candidates are available for employment for a four month co-operative education or summer position between May and August, 2014 and 5 and are available for career or Co-op opportunities in Spring, 2014.

If you would like a copy of the 2014 UVic MBA Resume Book, please fill out the Resume Book request form. Your request will be reviewed and a password and link will be sent to the business email address you provide.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone directly, please call or email us at 250 721 6054 or

2014 MBA Resume Book
Sunil Mysore, Gustavson MBA 2012Sunil Mysore extends a helping hand

Sunil Mysore, one of this year’s MBA leadership award winners, had done a lot of research into selecting an international business MBA to enhance his electronics and communication engineering skills. He felt Gustavson was the right business school and Canada the right country, and he has not been disappointed.

“It’s been an awesome experience,” says Mysore. “I really liked the holistic approach, mix of academics with practice and very accessible faculty. They were always ready to help with lots of opportunities to involve them.”

He also worked with Research in Motion during one co-op work term and was able to draw on everything he learned in the MBA. “Working in business operations, I was involved in a bit of everything, from marketing to IT to finance. It was a high-pressure experience, but I received very positive feedback.” Read more

Christian Kittleson , Gustavson MBA 2006MBA grad says he wouldn’t be where he is without a village of mentors

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but as Christian Kittleson (MBA ’06) argues, it also takes a village to raise tomorrow’s leaders. The support of friends and family is important, but the support of mentors is the game changer.  “I’ve been fortunate with mentors in my career,” Kittleson says. “I’ve had people who’ve been able to see my development potential and then helped me to get there.”

And get there he has. Kittleson started out as an analyst with the BC government, working under Tamara Vrooman, now the CEO of Vancity, whom he credits with not only helping him realize his career potential, but also influencing his views on mentoring. “She said to me that one of her goals as a leader is to find someone who can take her job,” he says. “I’ve adopted that philosophy myself by keeping succession planning top-of-mind in matters of talent management.”

Krystal Gabriel"I wanted to be in a place where I could be actively involved in the learning process, where I co-create my educational experience. Gustavson offered that."

Krystal Gabriel, 2013 UVic MBA candidate, discovered a different kind of MBA, a program that goes beyond textbooks and lectures to tap under-utilized resources and talent — MBA students themselves. We emphasize an engaged learning orientation, in which you and your classmates contribute value through your own experience and perspectives.  

Our faculty pride themselves on fostering an interactive classroom where you are challenged to 'own' the material and argue your case. Through extensive teamwork you learn to draw on the strengths of all individuals — a critical skill for companies today. Finally, value creation happens 'off-campus' as your team consults for real organizations that often implement our students' recommendations with exceptional results.

Find out more about how you make our MBA your MBA, such as through the MBA 596 Consulting Project.