Leadership studies

Join us in a critical investigation of the role of leaders in contemporary society and a focused exploration of leadership as a multidisciplinary field of inquiry and scholarship.

Our program encompasses a broad range of themes from policy making and democratic decision making to community and cultural leadership and from the potential of teacher-leadership in processes of school improvement to leadership and learning for social justice and community development.

Programs and courses

The aim of our graduate programme is to broaden students' understanding of contemporary theories and practices of leadership, education, learning, and issues that affect schools, communities, and society. 

Our graduate adviser Dr. Darlene Clover is available to help you create a program plan that meets your interests and goals, and our flexible programs can be customized to work in harmony with your busy life.

Our elective options allow you customize your program and explore different areas of interest. Our programs feature a high level of in-class discussion, social interaction with peers, community leaders and knowledgeable and approachable professors. Courses are scheduled to allow students to attend class, evening and some online courses. 

Students have the option to take the program part-time or full-time.  Most part-time students usually take 3-4 years to complete their degree. However, this can vary depending on course load and level of commitment. The MEd degree generally takes two years of full-time study on campus to complete. The MA degree also requires a minimum of two years of full-time study and will often require another year to complete the thesis. Classes are scheduled for daytime, evenings and at least one on-line course is available each semester.

Students are given five years to complete the MEd and MA programs.