Secondary BEd

Important notice

For students entering their first year of post-secondary studies in 2017/18: 

The information provided below applies only to those students who will have completed 12 units of post-secondary studies by April 30, 2017.

September 2017 art and/or physical education applicants:

This program provides engaging, relevant and high-quality preparation for those who wish to work as a secondary school art or physical education teacher. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Education degree and are eligible to apply to the BC Teacher Regulation Branch for a professional teaching certificate. In British Columbia, teaching certificates are issued by the Ministry of Education's Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB).

French Immersion Specialization

With approval, the Professional Specialization Certificate in Teaching French Immersion may be taken concurrently with the BEd (Secondary Curriculum) program. 

The certificate consists of four courses: two offered online in the winter session and two offered face-to-face in the summer session (normally in July). If admitted to the PSC, secondary teacher education students may begin taking courses in the summer session following year two. The final course must be taken in the fall term of year four. Refer to Continuing Studies’ website for more details about admission to the certificate program. 

Students must meet with an Education adviser before applying to the PSC in Teaching French Immersion.

Year one requirements: courses, GPA, and deadlines

You'll need at least 12 units1 of courses by April 30, 2017 to be considered for admission in September 2017, including:

  • 3.0 units approved English2, and
  • A E 103A and 103B and/or EPHE 1433,4, and
  • 6.0 - 7.5 units of additional art education courses, additional physical education courses, second teaching area courses5, or electives6, and
  • a minimum sessional average of 3.00/9-point scale (UVic C+). If your most recent session is fewer than 12.0 units, you must have a grade-point average of at least 3.00 on a 9-point scale (equivalent to UVic's C+ grade) on your most recent consecutive 12.0 units.7


  1. 3.0 UVic units are equivalent to two, half-year courses or 6 credits at most BC colleges and universities.
  2. Refer to 'English requirements' below for more information.
  3. Admission to the PE teaching area requires EPHE 143. Note: EPHE 141 is no longer required prior to entry and will be taken after admission.
  4. Admission to the Art teaching area requires A E 103A and 103B with a B average.
  5. The PE teaching area must be combined with a second approved teaching area. The art teaching area may be taken on its own or in combination with another approved teaching area. Refer to the UVic Calendar for a list of approved teaching areas.
  6. The courses you'll take in first year and the number of electives you'll have in your program will be determined by your choice of second teaching area. Speak with an Education adviser.
  7. Learn how a GPA is calculated at UVic.

English requirements for both art and physical education applicants

Approved English at UVic

Choose two from:

  • ENGL 135 University Writing or Academic Reading and Writing or ENGL 215 The Writing of Expository Prose
  • ENGL 146 The Literature of our Era
  • ENGL 147 Great Moments in English Literature
  • ENGL 200A English Literature to 1660
  • ENGL 200B English Literature, 1660-1800
  • ENGL 200C English Literature, 1800-1914
  • ENGL 201 Introduction to Modernist Literature
  • ENGL 202 Introduction to Canadian Literature
  • ENGL 203 Introduction to American Literature
  • ENGL 207 Introduction to Cultural Studies
  • ENGL 208 Introduction to Women's Writing
  • ENGL 209 Foundations of Literary Criticism
  • ENGL 260 The Bible as Literature


  1. We can't accept technical or creative writing courses.
  2. We can't accept 3 units of English composition. At least one of your courses must be a literature course.
  3. Consult an Education adviser before taking a 'special topics' course. The adviser will need to see a course description or outline.
  4. Consult an Education adviser if you have any questions regarding the English requirements.

Written English competency

  • This will be satisfied with a grade of C+ or higher in each of two approved English courses.
  • You must satisfy this requirement before entering the final year of this program.
  • Consult an Education adviser if you've completed any English course with less than a C+ grade.

How to apply for September 2017 entry

Important! September 2017 will be the last year that new students will be admitted to this program.

If you've completed, or have in progress, at least 12 units of university-level coursework (8 courses) at UVic or another university or college:

Step #1 Review the admission requirements.

Step #2 Apply online by January 31 for entry in September of the same year.

Step #3, for PE applicants only: Go to the PE teaching area web page for additional information.

Step #4, for Indigenous applicants: Go to the Undergraduate apply page for additional information.

Note: If you've already completed an undergraduate degree and wish to become a secondary school teacher, please see BEd or Diploma Secondary PDPP.