Master of Arts in Kinesiology (MA) – Project-based option

New applicants
The MA (Kinesiology) program uses an “Inquiry approach,” allowing students to examine border social issues related to kinesiology.


This program is predicated on the “Inquiry Approach,” allowing students to examine issues and questions related to the specific social science sub-discipline areas. The design of the program allows for considerable flexibility permitting students to pursue their area of interest under the guidance and advice of their supervisor. A project is required. Typical program length is 2 – 2 ½ years.

Program Requirements: Total = 18 units

Program components Units
Research methods course (EPHE 573) 3.0
Coursework within EPHE (two courses from the list of 580 courses below) 3.0
EPHE 580 Physiological Issues in Physical Activity and Health (1.5)  
EPHE 581 Psychological Issues in Physical Activity and Health (1.5)
EPHE 582 Neuroscience in Physical Activity and Health (1.5)  
EPHE 583 Issues in Health Promotion and Wellness (1.5)  
EPHE 584 Pedagogical Issues in Physical Activity and Health (1.5)  
Attendance at the School Research Seminar (EPHE 500)   0.0
Research technique course* (one course from the list below, or equivalent)   1.5
ED-D 560 Statistical Methods in Education (1.5)  
EPHE 585 Qualitative Research Genres Applied to Education, Health & Society (1.5)  
Electives**: Complete 4 – 5 electives to support your program of study 6.0-7.5
Project: All MA in Kinesiology students complete a project (EPHE 598) 3.0-4.5

*Students will receive an overview of quantitative or qualitative research procedures relevant to your research question and design.

**Electives may be chosen from courses in the School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education, including Directed Studies or Special Topic courses, or other departments, to increase the knowledge base in your area of interest.