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Industrial fishing

How humans evolved into super predators

A UVic study shows how extreme human predatory behavior is responsible for widespread wildlife extinctions, shrinking fish sizes and disruptions to global food chains.

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Centre director Afzal Suleman

Unmanned aircraft research flies high with funding boost

Since its launch three years ago, the Centre for Aerospace Research has become a Canadian leader in UAV research, design and testing.

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First Peoples House

A balancing act of water stewardship

Our unusually dry spring and summer is highlighting the need for careful water management at UVic, for both water conservation and wise usage.

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Colby standing in front of an orca statue

The orca revolution

A UVic historian tracks the impact of this iconic species on our regional identity.

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Borchers in his lab

The power of proteins

Keeping you healthy is a top goal of world-leading protein research at UVic.

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Peredo standing in front of a cactus

A journey through the Andes

Business professor Ana María Peredo is in the Andes, conducting field work on community enterprises and blogging about her experiences, both academic and personal.

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Current faculty and staff



Strengthening internal communications at UVic

There's a growing commitment to enhancing the way we gather and share institutional knowledge at UVic. Learn more about a cross-campus project to strengthen internal communications at UVic.


UVic welcomes new and returning students

Orientation events are now underway at UVic. Keep an eye out for various events and activities on campus to welcome new and returning students, including Graduate Student Orientation (Sept. 4), Family Orientation (Sept. 6), the President's Welcome Barbecue (Sept. 8), UVSS Campus Kickoff (Sept. 9-12), Thunderfest (Sept. 11) and more.

The Lynda & Murray Farmer Walk of Excellence

On Aug. 26, UVic unveiled the Lynda & Murray Farmer Walk of Excellence. The new showcase walkway in CARSA honours the legacy of former Chancellor Murray Farmer and his wife, Lynda, and celebrates the talent, history and accomplishments of the Vikes.

Holocaust education in the 21st century

What will the Holocaust mean for future generations? UVic will host a global gathering Sept. 1 to 3 to explore Holocaust education and how it can be used as a means to tackle contemporary issues of multi-cultural human rights education.

More young drinkers at risk than previously estimated

Many more young people are at risk of harm from alcohol than previously estimated shows a new study published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health by researchers at the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC.

UVic research reveals new insights into the geological evolution of Canada's west coast

UVic research published in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences reveals new geological ages and clues about how Queen Charlotte Sound, Hecate Strait, and offshore Vancouver Island were formed, helping to understand some of the potential impacts on coastal communities.