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Storey and MacDonald

Two researchers named to new college

Computer scientist Peggy Storey and psychologist Stuart MacDonald are charter members of a new Royal Society of Canada college for outstanding young scholars.

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Three screenshots of videos

Get to know our researchers

What do our researchers and artists study and how is it relevant to our lives? Find out in a new batch of short "Faces of UVic Research" videos.

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Mystic Market interior

New campus food facility opens Sept. 20

Mystic Market features eight food kiosks and a general store, and it's the first zero-waste facility on campus. For streamlined service, the new University Centre food facility will be accepting ONECard and cash only.

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Lilburn and Sager

Two UVic scholars join Canada's academic elite

Poet Tim Lilburn, left, and historian Eric Sager are new fellows of the Royal Society of Canada.

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Two women talking

UVic Careers

Welcome UVic Careers! Hiring administrators Amy Chen and Cara Barter, above, discuss the university's new online job management system. The UVic Careers system, replacing uHire, provides a new tool for hiring managers that will streamline the entire recruiting and hiring processes.

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Ocean Networks Canada

UVic, ONC research, technology on display in the Arctic

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Laureen Harper got a first-hand look at the university’s community-based, cabled seafloor observatory in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut with UVic President Jamie Cassels and ONC’s Dr. Kate Moran Aug. 23. Photo: PMO

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Current faculty and staff



President's Campus Update

Join President Cassels on Oct. 7 for the President's Campus Update, where he'll review some of UVic's accomplishments of the past year and address some of the challenges, opportunities and plans for the years ahead.


Ancient technology, meet the future of underwater archeology

A UVic archeologist and UVic engineer have returned this month from a 10-day research trip to Haida Gwaii. Their trip yielded 150 gigabytes of sonar data and images of what that they suspect could be stone fish weirs, a simple and ancient technology used by peoples all over the world to catch migrating fish in rivers.

National report offers first-ever look at the Canadian sex industry

Sex-workers and sex-buyers aren’t who we thought they were, the first national report on the Canadian sex industry has found, only one of the findings from the five-year study, led by Cecilia Benoit of the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC).

All about First World War

UVic events, activities and experts are in the spotlight as the world moves through the centennial year of WWI. On Oct. 2 and 3, an evening lecture on the War to End All Wars and a full-day conference at Victoria's Bay Street Armoury, sponsored by the Faculty of Humanities and Centre for Global Studies, will draw WWI scholars and armchair historians together.

UVic to receive gift of rare bible

A fine-art reproduction of the only handwritten illuminated bible created since the advent of the printing press in the 15th century is being officially presented to the University of Victoria in a public event at St. Andrews Cathedral, Sept. 20.

Meet the Faces of UVic Research

As one of Canada’s leading research universities, the University of Victoria is home to a wealth of world-class expertise across a broad range of disciplines. More than 800 faculty researchers are at the forefront of discovery—on everything from aging to music to zoology—and are working with community, government and business partners to turn that new knowledge into action.

Two UVic scholars help debut new national college

Two University of Victoria researchers—a psychologist who studies how we age mentally and a computer scientist who explores new ways to sort through large amounts of information—are charter members of a new national “college” for outstanding young scholars.

Grad research on dementia-friendly urban design

By 2031, 25 per cent of BC’s population will be at increased risk of dementia due to old age. Maria Przydatek (MA, 2014) took a closer look at the concept of dementia-friendly urban design, for her master’s thesis.

Study highlights concern for homeless seniors

A new study for the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, co-authored by researchers at the University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University, has found that a disproportionate number of people chronically staying in Victoria’s emergency shelters are seniors.