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Bonnie Leadbeater speaking with a student

New youth study by UVic and Island Health

A study by UVic and Island Health shines a unique spotlight on youth health and wellbeing. No other research study in Canada has followed a full decade of observation of young people from one distinct region and varied socio-economic backgrounds.

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Chancellor Rogers posing with students during convocation

Channelling UVic life as Chancellor

Bearing witness to—and representing—the boundless enthusiasm of UVic students, researchers and community connections comes naturally for Chancellor Shelagh Rogers.

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United Way supporters celebrating

Get ready to roll on Oct. 25

Support UVic's United Way campaign by attending a fundraising event on campus, like the plasma car races on Oct. 25, Power up the Tower on Nov. 24, and the Holiday Artisans Market on Dec. 1.

United Way

Day in the Life: Christine Currie

Imagine keeping track of more than two million sets of "keys"—each one unlocking a specific area of knowledge. That's the challenge facing Christine, stacks maintenance supervisor in UVic Libraries, every day.

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The Edge brand guidelines

The Edge brand guidelines will help us all tell a consistent and unified story about UVic and allow you to get the materials you need to support your unit's goals by accessing templates and working with University Communications + Marketing.

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Current faculty and staff


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Canada Savings Bonds now available

UVic is pleased to offer its employees the opportunity to purchase Canada Savings Bonds through automatic payroll deduction.  Employees wishing to purchase Canada Savings Bonds or make changes to existing contributions may do so online at anytime during the electronic campaign period starting Monday, Oct. 3 until Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016 at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

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