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Extreme thinking

Science is closer to linking some weather-related disasters to human-caused climate change.

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Partnering on innovative cancer treatment

Two University of Victoria biochemists are entering into a collaboration that could take immunotherapy—the latest and most promising form of cancer treatment—to the next level.

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The Edge brand guidelines

The Edge brand guidelines will help us all tell a consistent and unified story about UVic and allow you to get the materials you need to support your unit's goals by accessing templates and working with University Communications + Marketing.

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Child care centre to expand full-time care

UVic Child Care Services is embarking on a major renovation project that will add 40 full-time care spaces for 3 to 5-year-old children. In April, university executive approved funding for the $1.685 million facility upgrade.

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McGill's Nathan Hall talks Twitter

McGill professor, education researcher and social media specialist Nathan Hall will be speaking at UVic on June 29. Prof. Hall will speak to humor and influence on Twitter while sharing the story and data behind his immensely popular handles and . The event is hosted by UVic's Technology Integrated Learning unit.

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Sexualized violence policy review consultation

UVic is consulting widely in its work to develop a policy on preventing and responding to sexualized violence. Consultations are being held in person and by written submission. Visit the Sexualized Violence Programs and Policy Development Review websites for information on how to provide input and make your contribution.

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