Business research at Gustavson

Sudhir Nair and Wade Danis
Drs. Wade Danis, Associate Professor and Sudhir Nair, Assistant Professor

Producing outstanding business research

One of the key strengths of the Gustavson School of Business is the research ability of faculty members. This capability demonstrates itself in research that not only informs the practices of business and management, but also creates a better learning environment for our students and stakeholders. For a listing of our researchers, visit our faculty directory page.

How can we facilitate serendipity?

Dr. Wade Danis has been working with Dr. Sudhir Nair on international entrepreneurship, specifically those enterprises that “go global” early and quickly, particularly in emerging economies, such as India and China. “Entrepreneurs have been at the forefront of powering … economic transition,” says Dr. Danis, “so it’s important to know how these entrepreneurs compete on the world economic stage.” Read more

Sometimes knockoffs kick innovation up a notch

Look closely at that cell phone your neighbour bought for a low price at a street market while travelling. It seems familiar, yet different. Is it a copycat? Or is it counterfeit? This is the focus of one stream of Dr. Linda Shi’s research.

What’s the difference? Read more

A research approach that avoids ‘silos of doom’

Dr. Steve Tax likes to look at questions from many directions.

“If you look at [a problem] from one functional perspective, or what a colleague called the ‘silos of doom’, you’re going to come up with a bad solution. I’m always interested, coming from marketing, what an HR or operations perspective is.” Read more 

Co-creating a good health care experience can influence patient behaviour

Dr. Uzay Damali didn’t set out to study business, he started in engineering when he did his undergraduate degree in Turkey. When contemplating grad school, he was drawn to business research because of its conceptual, abstract nature, and how operations management lived on the boundary of business and engineering. Read more

The real payoffs of cross-border shopping

Every time our loonie gets more valuable relative to the US dollar, the long weekend line-ups get longer at border crossings, as Canadians seek the fluctuation’s payoff – buying more for less at, say, an American Target store. 

Canadian retailers express considerable concern at exchange rate changes and cross-border shopping, offering catastrophic numbers to urge policy makers to regulate down-south shopping sprees.

While big price differences may be amplified by an exchange rate roller coaster, Economist Dr. Jen Baggs says, “Retailers may not be as affected as you might think.’” Read more

An ongoing video series showcasing the passion and commitment of Peter B. Gustavson School of Business researchers.

Dr. Mary Yoko Brannen received the 2013 Emerald Best International Symposium Award 

Gustavson has won another award at the Academy of Management meeting in Orlando, Florida. The symposium titled “The Upside of Cultural Distance: A Positive Organizational Scholarship Perspective” won the 2013 Emerald Best International Symposium Award! Dr. Mary Yoko Brannen (who spoke on “The Upside of Foreignness”) was one of five presenters at the event, which she says was very well-attended. Read more

Gustavson Marketing Researchers Score No. 1 Ranking

UVic Gustavson School of Business scholars can add another mark of excellence to their research record. In June 2012, a bibliometric study released from the Canadian research group Higher Education Strategy Associates ranked Gustavson #1 for research productivity in the field of marketing. The Higher Education Strategy Associates measures the number of publications produced by a researcher against the number of times the papers are cited in other scholarly journals. Click here to see the report results.

Gustavson faculty members researching in the field of marketing include: Drs. David Boag (marketing strategy), Mark Colgate (service excellence), Saul Klein (global business and international marketing), Linda Shi (global account management), Brock Smith (new venture marketing, marketing strategy, and relationship marketing), and Steve Tax (service failure and recovery, service design, customer performance and service networks).