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Accompany UVic's Zac Andrus and Shawna Dash as they take a tour inside CARSA.

Inside tour of CARSA

To simply say that UVic's new Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities will be an improvement over existing facilities is a huge understatement. This fact is becoming more and more apparent as construction on CARSA enters the final months.

CARSA: Centre of activity

Three UVic campus community members recently shared their thoughts about features of the new centre opening next year.

Supporters “blown away” by CanAssist technologies, CARSA facility

CanAssist supporters were thrilled by the chance to tour inside the new centre under construction and later to view some of the amazing technologies being developed for people with disabilities by the UVic organization.

Tom Hawthorn on CARSA

An interview with veteran journalist (and UVic's 2014 Harvey S. Southam Visiting Lecturer) Tom Hawthorn looks at the benefits CARSA will bring to campus. From attracting budding Olympians and Paralympians to average Joes and Janes, Hawthorn lauds the capacity of CARSA to put Vancouver Island on the map.

Yoga at UVic

When life gets bent out of shape, you can count on yoga at UVic to strike a balance. Students, staff and community members will soon enjoy a new yoga studio in CARSA.