Teaching, research and personal use

UVic community members use social media for many purposes including teaching and learning, research, employee’s personal use and student’s personal use.

Although University Communications + Marketing is not the authority on these other uses of social media, we have provided some information below as a reference.   

All of the following information has been taken from existing policies and guidelines.

If you have questions about other types of social media use at UVic, contact the relevant party in each section.

Teaching and learning

Instructors and students may use social media to support learning objectives.

 Technology Integrated Learning, Senate Committee on Learning and Teaching, Learning and Teaching Centre and the Chief Privacy Officer are currently working on documents related to teaching and learning at UVic. After appropriate consultations are conducted, this information will be added to the Academic Calendar.

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The university recognizes academic freedom as a fundamental value. Faculty members are encouraged to engage with social media, and these guidelines are not intended to interfere with or restrict academic freedom in any way.

In exercising academic freedom, members of the university community must act in a responsible and reasonable manner and respect the rights of other members of the university community.

As with all communications at UVic, faculty members’ right to academic freedom is limited only by the university’s respectful environment and harassment and discrimination policies. 

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Employees’ personal use

As long as employees’ personal use of social media does not impact their role as a member of the university community, the university has no role in governing how employees use social media in their personal lives. 

However, Human Resources guidelines are clear that employees should not conduct themselves in such a way as to seriously prejudice the university’s interests or reputation.

Using computing resources at work for personal use is acceptable but limited to responsible activities that minimize the disruption of university business while attending to necessary personal affairs.

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Generally the university does not regulate students' personal use of social media.

In the case that an allegation of a violation of a university policy is received, the university may investigate and, where necessary, impose discipline in accordance with its policies.   

This includes but is not limited to a student's social media use that may violate the following university policies: 

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