Who builds the site?

Point person

You'll designate a single point person for your web project.

This person is usually a staff member with an ongoing position in the department, e.g.: admin officer, admin assistant or communications officer. They should not be a student or chair/director/dean. They will:

  • plan and coordinate what work needs to be done to create text, photos and videos
  • add content to the site—or work closely with the person who will
  • check in regularly with the web coordinator

In a typical project, the point person will not have time for their regular duties as well as building the site.


The point person will work closely with one or a small group of advisors.

An advisor is usually someone with a leadership role in your department. They're typically a chair, dean, director, faculty member, research or senior staff member. Advisors are responsible for:

  • providing strategic direction for the project
  • reviewing the site for accuracy and quality
  • advocating for appropriate financial resources, if required
  • advocating for the point person to have sufficient time to work on the web project
  • making sure the project is running on time and to budget

Other important tasks

You'll probably work with other people in your department and our team to help you finish your site.

Adding content to your site

Adding and changing content on your site is usually done by:

  • the point person
  • our team, as a chargeback service

Providing input on the site plan

The point person and advisors will work closely with the web coordinator to develop the site plan (the site's navigation).

You'll also need to consult with others in your department and people who will use your site. Your site plan should not change very much after it is in Cascade.

Writing and reviewing text

Content is usually written by your department. You're the experts!

The point person usually asks people in the department to write and review specific sections of the site. They then work with the advisors to review the content to ensure a consistent tone across all pages.

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