How long does it take?

At our first meeting, we'll discuss your timeline and decide on an achievable deadline.


How long your project will take depends on:

  • the size and complexity of your website
  • how many people are dedicated to the project
  • how quickly key decisions can be made
  • unexpected availability issues (sickness, vacations, etc.)

Most web projects are completed in 3-9 months. Typical projects include department or faculty sites, admin units and research centres.

Small sites (10 pages or less) usually take 1-3 months. Examples: conferences and small research groups.

Time commitment

The most time consuming part of a web project is content production—even if you have an existing site.

You and your team should be prepared to dedicate significant time for:

  • writing content
  • editing content
  • adding content to the site
  • finding and taking photos
  • reviewing the site
  • maintaining the site after launch