After you've had a chance to incorporate feedback from the review, it's time to launch your site.

Together, we will pick a date. Sites usually go live at the end of the business day. The web coordinator will organize the technical details and notify you after it has gone live.

URLs and redirects

The URLs for new UVic websites follow a specific format that may be different from what you are using now:


To help direct visitors from your old site to your new one, please tell the web coordinator all the URLs that you are currently using (i.e. or

Also let us know if you would like a shorter URL to put on business cards or posters. For example, your URL is but you would also like to have

After launch

When your site's live we'll send you an email asking you to complete some wrap-up tasks:

Keeping your site up to date

Schedule regular times to review your content to make sure it's up to date.

How often depends on your site, but we have developed some recommendations.