Updating your content after launch

After you launch your site, you'll need a content maintenance plan.

Updating and archiving news and events

  • Archive outdated news items once or twice a year (at least).
  • Try to post new news items at least once a month.
  • Don't forget your events calendar—it's a good idea to have at least one future event scheduled.

Reviewing and refreshing content

  • The pie chart on Cascade's home page/dashboard is a good indication of how fresh your content is.
  • Review your website once a month for incorrect content that needs to be removed/edited (e.g. contact information, news items, staff/faculty profiles).
  • Once a year do content refreshes (e.g. re-write content, consider different layouts, update FAQs).
  • For major changes, or changes to the navigation, contact the web

Replacing photos

  • Try to add one new home page billboard every month (that way, you'll have a brand new set of billboard photos every six months).
  • Ensure your photos look up-to-date (fashion changes and so should your photos; don't have old technology in your photos).
  • Update faculty and staff photos every few years.

Fixing broken links