Sourcing photos

How do you find great photos? There are a few options, depending on your budget and time:

Organize a photo shoot

  1. Brainstorm a list of desired photos by looking at what pages on your site need photos.
  2. Ask students, staff and faculty to be in your photo shoot. Decide what locations you'll use.
  3. Find a photographer. You can hire a professional photographer through Photo Services or ask an experienced photographer in your area for help.
  4. If you like, download and use our sample photo and video waiver.
  5. Take lots of photos! Try to change who's in each photo, so your site won't have the same people on each page.

Purchase UVic stock photography

Many photos of our campus, students and buildings are available to purchase from our online image gallery for $15 each.

Ask students

If you work with students, ask them to send you their photos from field schools, co-ops and travel abroad. It's a good idea to remind them that you're looking for specific photos ahead of time.

Some units also run contests and give away small prizes for the best student photos.

Do not take images from the web

Many people think that photos you find online are in the public domain and free for you to use. This is not true.

Unless you have permission from the creator or owner of the photo, it is illegal in most cases for you to reuse it on your own site.

If you find a photo online that you'd like to use, check with the for advice. Sometimes it's possible to ask the photographer for permission, pay to license the photo or find a suitable alternative.

Need more help?

If you don't have a budget for photos or you're not sure how to get started, please contact the .