Analytics (site stats)

Google analytics

If your site has been migrated to the UVic Edge template (with the dynamic edge design along the top), you’ll use Google Analytics to track visitors to your site. To access this service you’ll need to register your UVic email address with Google. Once you have done this, contact to get access to Analytics.


UVic used to use a program called Urchin to track traffic to older template sites and web applications. Unfortunately, the software and platform used to provide this service is no longer receiving security updates and is therefor a risk of being compromised and poses a risk to the rest of the University's infrastructure. As such, Urchin will no longer be available for use after August 17, 2018. 

Learn how to export stats from Urchin.

Contact if you have questions about how this change affects you.

What can web analytics tell me?

  • What are my most popular pages?
  • How has the number of visitors changed over time?
  • How are people finding my site?
  • What countries are my visitors from?

Visitors: Number of people who visit your site on one day.

Visits: Number of times a person comes to your site in one day.

Page views: Number of pages that are loaded.

Example: Jane visits the Social Sciences site at 9 a.m. and looks at five pages. She visits again at 4 p.m. and look at ten pages.

  • Visitors: 1
  • Visits: 2
  • Page views: 15