Policy updates

Travel and Hospitality Policy HR6500

The Travel and Hospitality Policy HR6500 has been revised to reflect an increase in the meal per diem allowances, along with other minor language changes. 

The Travel Policy provides for meal per diem allowances without submitting receipts.  These rates have not been increased since 2010.  Increasingly, travelers are choosing to claim meals with actual receipts, indicating that current per diem rates are insufficient.

Read the revised Travel and Hospitality Policy HR6500, including increased per diem rates for travel inside and outside of Canada.

Buildings and Grounds Usage Policy BP3105

Revisions have been made to BP3105 Buildings and Grounds Usage Policy, 2.00 Scope:

  • This policy applies to all University owned or leased space, grounds, structures or other types of property located on or off the Gordon Head campus (not intended to include property owned and/or managed by UVic Properties).

Read the revised Buildings and Grounds Usage Policy BP3105.

University Signage Policy BP3140

The University Signage Policy BP3140 includes revisions to section 7.00 Interior, Wayfinding and Exterior Signage.

Read the revised University Signage Policy BP3140.

Furnishings, Fittings and Finishes Policy BP3130

The title of Policy BP3130 has been revised to:  Furnishings, Fittings, Finishes and Artwork and includes:

  • Addition of 40.01 - For Artwork in private offices, the "appropriateness" will be assessed by a person in the unit having Administrative Authority
  • Reference in related policies section to Guidelines for Moving Artwork when Maintenance or Renovation is planned on Campus
  • Addition of Appendix A - Safe Installation of Artwork by Occupants

Read the revised Furnishings, Fittings, Finishes and Artwork Policy BP3130.