2023 fiscal year-end payroll update

With the start of the new 2022-2023 fiscal year the payroll department has made some process changes that effect campus. 

PEA CTO (compensatory time off) payment account code

The CTP (CTO Payout) earning will now automatically go the CTO payout account code – 6212 and not the code specified, or the job’s home account code. Please keep this in mind when submitting Special Payments forms for PEA CTO payouts. For other types of PEA extra-hours payments, you can use the earn code OOC (Payment On Call Pay) for paying on-call hours, or HEP (PEA Extra hours).

Work Safe recovery account code

A new account code 5860: Labour Recoveries – WSBC has been setup for Work Safe recoveries. This new account code will be used to deposit labour recover cheques received from Work Safe BC, removing these payments from accounts that might include other types of labour recoveries.

CUPE pay in lieu of benefits (OBN) changes

While there is no change for departments, the process for calculating and administering the OBN payments is being modified. The old processes were manual and error prone, so starting April 1st we are calculating the OBN using a different mechanism in Banner. This change is being made to cut down on over/under payments due to the misapplication of OBN earnings.

Continuing Sessional courses

If you have continuing sessional instructors where the courses taught are not yet entered, please complete a PSCR form including the Job, CRN, term and units taught. To check on the information that is currently have recorded, you can run a report on all Sessional taught courses in FAST HR.

New FAST Reports

New reports have been added to FAST HR.

  • Immigration summary – This report contains the immigration information that is recorded for your employees. As is the standard practice, if your employee has an active job and has expiring immigration paperwork, they will receive automatic email reminders to provide updated information.
  • Time/Leave Entry Approvals – This report provides the current configuration of approvers for your employee’s online time sheets and leave entry. In this report, the approver for the job that you are viewing is the left most approver in the list. In the time/leaves approval system, Job level approvers override Organizational level approvers that in turn override Position-to-position approvers.