Privacy and Access to Information Office

The University of Victoria, as a public body, is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and its Regulations. The General Counsel is the delegated head for the university under the FIPPA.

As the delegated head, the General Counsel provides leadership in the development and implementation of the university’s Protection of Privacy and Access to Information programs, which includes developing related policies and procedures, and being a resource to the university community by providing advice and training on protection of privacy and access to information. The General Counsel is also responsible for answering all related enquiries from the public.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the General Counsel works with the Chief Privacy Officer in the management of the operations of both the Protection of Privacy program and all processing stages of Access to Information requests submitted to the university under the FIPPA (FOI Access Requests). The Chief Privacy Officer is assisted by the Privacy Officer and the Access Officer; these professionals work from the Privacy and Access to Information Office.





An overview of the FIPPA and the role of the OIPC

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Policies and Procedures

UVic's policies and procedures on the FIPPA and its Regulations

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Protection of privacy procedures and training

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Access to Information

Includes How to submit an FOI Request and Routine Access

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