Tri-Council agency information

The Tri-Council Agencies include the following granting agencies:


The Tri-Council Agency created the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide that outlines the Responsibilities and Accountability of the grant holders. It also contains information on the Annual Funding of Grants, the Use of Grant Funds, Reporting and Supporting Evidence, and Administrative Matters. Most importantly, it details all eligible and non-eligible expenses.

A useful resource within the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide is the List of Eligible and Non-eligible Expenses for Stationery and Office Supplies.

The guide was recently updated on October 1st, 2016 and there is a section in the guide with a summary of the changes. A memo was sent November 2016 by Melissa Joyce, Manager of Research Accounting, to grant holders to notify them of the changes.

Note: Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canadas (NCE) and Canada Research Chair (CRC) awards are also administered under the same guidelines as Tri-Agency awards.