Third Party Billing Information

Obligations - Sponsored students

  1. The student is responsible for ensuring that the authorization is received before the first student bill due date.
  2. The student must not delay payment of fees in anticipation of the third party sponsorship.  Any late payment fees which accrue prior to the authorization of a contract will not be cancelled.  While sponsors do not typically cover such fees, if they are a result of late sponsorship, the sponsor may agree to absorb the charges, but the student is responsible for initiating this discussion with their sponsor.
  3. The student who is sponsored by external agencies is responsible for viewing their account on-line to ensure their account is paid.  Any charges not being paid by the sponsor remain the responsibility of the student.  To ensure a student receives bills in a timely manner, the student is responsible for maintaining his or her current e-mail address on "My page".  If the third party does not pay the promised fees within 90 days of invoicing, the student will be responsible for paying the fees including late payment fees.
  4. If a student has prepaid his or her account and the sponsor payment results in a credit balance, then the student may request a refund from Accounting Services.
  5. The student is responsible for providing additional information such as grades or transcripts to the sponsor if such information is required.
  6. Any restrictions or contingencies on the authorization are unacceptable.  For example, if the agency requires grade or transcript review before paying, the University will not authorize third party billing.  In such cases, the student is responsible for paying their fees and should request reimbursement from the sponsoring agency.