CUPE 4163 Comp1 online appointment form

CUPE 4163 employees can be hired either through a paper form, or through an online personnel form (EPAF). This tutorial covers the appointment of a TA through the online personnel form (EPAF)

Before starting, ensure that you have access to fill out an electronic form and that your approver has access to approve the appointment via EPAF. You can check your access by starting to fill out the applicable appointment form.

Filling out the form

Appointment wizard page

The appointment wizard collects the most pertinent information for setting up the appointment. Once the wizard has been completed, the remaining steps are for adjusting or checking the appointment information. 

When you have used the Wizard once during your browser session, it will remember all of the fields except the V-Number and course information. This feature is used to decrease the data entry for each TA. 


 Appointment wizard


The V-number for the employee you want to hire. If you do not have a V-number you can find the person on the next screen. 

First Day and Last Day

This is the first and last day of the employee's employment. For TAs, the number of hours are spread equally over the period from the first day until the last day. The employee's total pay is the same amount independent of these dates. 

Position Number

The position number (starting 99****) is setup by the budget department and represents the type of job, default accounts, and default reporting structure. Payroll has provided a drop-down of Position Numbers based on a current list of positions. If a CUPE 4163 Component 1 position number is missing, please contact

Course Information

This area contains the information about the courses that the employee will be related to. The only mandatory part of this area is the number of hours. The total number of hours is used to calculate the FTE and the hours per pay. The other sections are saved to the EPAF comments so that approvers and payroll are better able to verify the information. These fields are not validated, so while it is good to have accurate information for validating the job information, sections and courses can be grouped, or fictional course names can be added. For example, those that break out Pro-D or Marking hours can put them in as "Pro-d" or "Invigilation".


The supervisor field supports position-to-position reporting for communication on personnel changes. If the position definition has a "reports-to" entry, then this can be skipped. 

Four letter code

This is your departments four letter code. This is used to indicate the home department for mail distribution to the employee if they do not currently have one. 

Organization (ORGN) code 

The numeric ORGN code is used to define the employees home organization as well as where their time is reported in Department or Web time entry. For Component 1 employees you can record exception time (hours in addition to the appointment) via paper or online time sheets.

NOTE: this will not be used to specify the account (FOAPAL) to be charged. Changes to FOAPALs will occur later in the appointment process. 

Approver Netlink

This is the Netlink ID of the person that will be approving the appointment. The Departmental approver must be setup before they can be added as an approver. 

Confirming the person page

Before moving on with the EPAF a person selection page will appear. On this page:

  1. Ensure that the name of the person matches your expectations
  2. Review any current jobs that they may have
  3. Click the "Go" button to continue

Validate the person

On this page, the ID field can be updated, or you can use the magnifying glass icon to look for a person. The small "person+" icon can be used to add a person, however; for CUPE 4163 Component 1 employees, this should not be required as they are students, and as such, are already in the Banner system.

In the screen shot above you can see that Eric already has a primary position and that the end date is April 30th, the same as our entered end date.  

Confirming/selecting the Position page

On this page the system attempts to use the Wizard information to select the correct position/job to place the employee in. 

NOTE: This page will flicker when loading. This is due to the automatic selection of a job (position+suffix+person). 

On this page:

  1. Review the job information and the job that is selected.
  2. If the employee already has an active job with cross-over dates and the same position number,
    1. Be aware that a terminated job may be terminated in the future, check the dates
    2. Add the position number to the top box
    3. Increment the suffix (ie: 00->01->02)
  3. If the employee has a terminated job in the same position,
    1. The wizard should select the correct job to re-open
  4. If the employee has never held this position, then the position number and 00 suffix will be added to the first line and selected.

Select the correct job

This page contains the job's default time sheet organization information. This will be overwritten on the next page based on the information on the Wizard page. 

Job submission page - Header

The job submission page is where all of the pertinent information about the job is to be reviewed. The header on the page shows the employee, the current status, and the EPAF transaction number. 

There are also buttons at the top and bottom for saving, submitting, and deleting.

NOTE: This page will flicker as the wizard information saves. Once complete you should receive a "Your change was saved successfully" indicator at the top of the page. 

Job information header

Job submission page - Biographic information

The Biographic Information section on this page may or may not display. The result of this section is dependant on whether the system thinks that there is missing information about the employee/student. 

For example, many students have SIN numbers in the Banner system, however; some do not have SIN numbers, and will need a SIN entered upon their first appointment. 

Missing fields may also include nationality, or others. Generally the wizard attempts to update the optional fields if there is not information already included. 

Biographic information

Job submission page - Employee relationship information

This section of the EPAF contains information on the employee's primary employment relationship. This includes their home department, their benefits eligibility and their current status. 

This section may or may not display depending on whether the employee currently has a primary position, and whether they have an active employee status. 

On this page review:

  • employee status, and
  • the home organization.

This part of the form is generally completed by the wizard, and is reviewed by the Payroll team.

Primary employment information

Job submission page - Job information

This section contains information on how the job (employee+position) is configured. It contains information on step, class, hours per pay, start and end date, and what account the job will be paid from.

On this page review:

  1. That the start date is in the Effective date
  2. The step is correct
  3. That the time entry method and time sheet ORGN is correct
  4. The vacation pay is correct
  5. The accounts to be charged are correct.

Note: The accounts to be charged are provided through the defaults on the position. If you would like to change the default, please send a note to .


Job details

Job submission page - Termination information

The termination information section contains the dates and termination reasons for the employee. 

Review the termination effective date to make sure that it matches your end date. 

Termination information

Job submission page - Comments

On the first load of the page, the comments section is automatically saved. This contains the base information from the Wizard. 

You can add additional comments at any time. These are viewable by the approver and by the payroll department. 

Comments section

Job submission page - Routing

The routing queue is the list of approvers and appliers. Kim Williams in the payroll department is automatically the default "applier". The departmental approver should be the approver that you indicated in the wizard. You can change the approver at this point too. 

Routing queue

Saving and submitting the form

Before you submit the EPAF form you will need to save it. Review the information as specified above, then save the form. If there are no errors (Note: "Warnings" will not stop submision), you will be able to submit the form. 

On submission, new errors may arise as there is additional verifications that occurs with this step.

If your submission is successful you will recieve notification both at the top of the page, and in the tracking infomration at the bottom of the page. 

From the top of the page:

EPAF header after successful submission 

From the history section at the bottom of the EPAF:

History after successful submission

Submission Errors

Existing primary position

If the employee has an existing primary position, and the wizard is unable to detect it, then you will recieve this error on submission. 

Primary position error

To correct this issue, scroll down to the Contact Type select box under Job Information, and select "Overload".