About the Personnel Change Notice

Why replace the Appointment Status form?

Example Appointment Status FormThe Appointment Status form (shown on the right) has been a part of the HR and Payroll process since the 70s, and has served as a method to dispurse payroll information and as a compensating control.

This paper process includes a paper copy for HR, Payroll, Benefits, the employee, the department, and sometimes others. This amounts to a large stack of paper being generated, mailed, and filed every day; however, all of this information is already available through FAST HR, the HR Website, and My page.  

To streamline and increase the sustainability of this process, the new Personnel Change Notification will be delivered via email and will increase the types of personnel changes that supervisors and their delegatess will be notified about. 



Why do I need this information?

As a supervisor you are responsible for the employees under your supervision, including their current status, wage, and financing. While you can look this information up in FAST HR, the email process was developed to give you a digest version of changes that were processed by payroll the day before. This allows you to quickly skim the information to ensure that it is inline with your request. 


When will I start receiving these emails? 

Select departments will start receiving the Personnel Change Notification emails in August 2019. Department onboarding will continue through September with a campus wide release October 29th, 2019.


I have more questions!

Our FAQ's may already have the answer! Otherwise, please email payrollmanagement@uvic.ca with any questions, concerns, or compliments ;-).