Personnel information change notification

The personnel information change email informs employees and departments of changes made by payroll to job records.This email now provides the key appointment information previously available on the Appointment Status form (examples). 

More information on the roll-out for the new personnel information change updates

For Employees

The appointment status change notice will inform employees of changes made to their job record and point them to their Job Summary page in My page. The notice is sent the morning after the change has been made if the change is something that is typically requested by or worked on with the employee. Example changes are:

  • Appointment, Re-appointment
  • Employment, Re-Employment
  • Extension
  • Job title change
  • Personal, parental, or career development leaves
  • Return to work and revised FTE/Salary

For supervisors and delegates

Supervisors and delegates will receive an email summarizing all job changes they are responsible for that payroll processed the day before. As these summaries may contain sensitive information, they will be sent to '' email addresses only. 

Defining a delegate

By default, payroll will add the person's email who prepared the form as a delegate. Additional delegates can be requested through the comments field on each form. The delegate will receive the same information as the supervisor, however; the delegate list may contain employees from multiple supervisors if they are delegateing for multiple supervisors. 

Job Changes

All job changes will be sent the day after they are entered, independant of the effective date. For example, two records will be sent for each term employment. An appointment record, and a termination record. The appointment record's effective date will be closer to the current date, but the termination record's effective date will be in the future. (examples

Supervisors and delegates will receive notices on the same types of changes that the employee does, in addition to more sensitive changes such as:

  • Start and return from layoff
  • Health and compassion related leaves
  • Retirement and termination
  • Salary adjustments
  • Account changes

No communication will be sent out for:

  • Scheduled salary and fiscal year changes
  • Benefits changes
  • Probation period completion
  • Administrative leaves

Supervisor's responsibility

The supervisor or account holder is responsible for reviewing the appointment details to ensure that the job and pay records have been setup as desired.