2019 Fiscal month end deadline schedule

  • Monthly email reminders will be sent via e-mail
  • If there are high volumes of JVs submitted by the deadline, some transactions will be processed in the next month
  • Accounting Services will determine which transactions are material and process those first for cut-off and determine what will be processed after the fact


Department deadline 1 business day

Accounting deadline 3 business days

Dec-18 02-Jan-19 04-Jan-19
Jan-19 01-Feb-19 06-Feb-19
Feb-19 01-Mar-19 06-Mar-19
Mar-19* Refer to fiscal year end deadlines Refer to fiscal year end deadlines
Apr-19 01-May-19 06-May-19
May-19 03-Jun-19 05-Jun-19
Jun-19 02-Jul-19 04-Jul-19
Jul-19 01-Aug-19 06-Aug-19
Aug-19 03-Sep-19 05-Sep-19
Sep-19 01-Oct-19 04-Oct-19
Oct-19 01-Nov-19 06-Nov-19
Nov-19 02-Dec-19 04-Dec-19
Dec-19 02-Jan-20 06-Jan-20

 *March 2019 is UVic's fiscal year end