Faculty & Librarian Recruitment

Before initiating a search, review the Guide to Faculty & Librarian Recruitment. Here you will find a comprehensive guide to recruitment for the Chair of the Hiring Committee and anyone else who is assisting with the recruitment process.

Guide to Faculty & Librarian Recruitment

For any questions related to recruitment, or to submit paper work contact FRrecruit@uvic.ca 

Appendix templates for customization:

Documents to submit:

Please submit the following documents to the VPAC office:

  • Request to Recruit form (to FRrecruit@uvic.ca or paper copy to Heidi Morrison). 
  • background information on the position to be filled (advice of separation form, a budget letter, etc.)

For any questions related to faculty & librarian recruitment or to submit paperwork contact FRrecruit@uvic.ca 

Approval will be sent to you by email, along with the 'request to recruit number", so that you can begin your search. Please quote this number on all correspondence related to this search.

From search to short-list

Comprehensive relocation information for candidates is available at www.opportunities.uvic.ca. Please provide every candidate with this link.

Please submit your candidate shortlist, their curriculum vitaes, reference letters, and correspondences to your dean or librarian.

The dean/librarian will review and approve your selection for interview.

Drafting an offer

Before making an offer, the Request to Extend Offer form must be forwarded to VPAC (FRrecruit@uvic.ca) by the dean. Please include your preferred candidate's curriculum vitae and letters of reference. This may be done electronically.

If your candidate is neither a Canadian citizen nor Permanent Resident, the Canadian Applicants spreadsheet must also be completed and submitted.  Your draft letter of offer must also be sent to VPAC for final approval before an offer is made.

Appointing your candidate

The last step in the recruitment process is to formalize the appointment with VPAC and HRIS. Please forward the following items to the VPAC office (FRrecruit@uvic.ca) after the candidate has accepted your offer:

  • the candidate's original letter of application, CV and original letters of reference
  • the original signed offer letter, initialed on each page by the candidate
  • the Advertising Report, along with copies of all advertisements as they appeared in situ (copy, scan or screenshot) and proof of the length of the posting (i.e. invoices)
  • a recommendation for approval for faculty/librarian appointments form. (This is a Payroll form The original of this form is sent to Payroll after VPAC approval.)
  • Once the appointment is approved, the candidate will receive a letter from the Vice-President Academic and Provost confirming their appointment.

Welcome and transition of new faculty

The transition to life at UVic begins as soon as the faculty candidate applies for the position and continues through the first year of their appointment and beyond. A smooth transition is the key to the success of the faculty member, as a scholar, a teacher and colleague.