Quality assurance of academic programs

UVic has an internal program review process based on institutional policies and procedures, including mandatory review of all new programs by Senate.  New program proposals are submitted to the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training for approval after review by the Degree Quality Assessment Board (DQAB). After performing its review, the DQAB determines whether the new degree meets established criteria and makes its recommendations to the Minister.  Details about exempt status and the Degree Quality Assessment Board are available on the Ministry Web site. In 2018/19, the Degree Quality Assessment Board conducted a regular review of our processes for academic program review. View the summary of the Quality Assurance Process Audit.

In October 2020, Senate approved the updated AC1145 policy. For an overview of updates to the policy and associated documents, please see the External Reviews of Academic Units Leadership PowerPoint and the External Reviews of Academic Units Staff Training PowerPoint.

External reviews of academic units process

UVic's internal external review process assists academic units in evaluating, through a process of informed judgement, the quality and suitability of academic endeavours with a view to further improvement. It also provides internal and external accountability of academic programs.

Accreditation or reaccreditation by the relevant professional organization may be substituted for an external review with VPAC approval in accordance with Senate policy AC1145

Administrative process and procedures

* Note: Interdisciplinary programs that undergo review should also reference the Guidelines for External Reviews of Academic Units – Interdisciplinary Programs, the Review Committee Guidelines for External Reviews of Academic Units – Interdisciplinary Programs, and Sample INTD External Review Itinerary to identify relevant sections to include in their review.

External review of academic units reports

  • Cultural, Social and Political Thought Program
  • European Studies Program
  • Department of Greek and Roman Studies
  • Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies
  • Human Dimensions of Climate Change Program
  • Faculty of Law
  • Medieval Studies Program
  • Social Dimensions of Health Program
  • Social Justice Studies Program
  • Technology and Society Program
  • Department of Theatre
  • Department of Visual Arts




  • Department of Theatre
  • Department of Pacific & Asian Studies


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Visual Arts
  • Department of Greek & Roman Studies
  • Department of Hispanic & Italian Studies
  • Faculty of Law
  • Writing Centre


  • School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
  • Department of Physics & Astronomy


  • Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Economics
  • Cultural, Socia and Political Thought Program
  • Medieval Studies Program
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies (enrolment review)