Program approval process

Creating a new program enhances our educational offerings to students and lets us respond to changes in our disciplines and environment.

Our goal is to make our approval process as streamlined as possible while fulfilling the requirements of Senate, Board of Governors, and Ministry. I welcome feedback on our process in an effort to improve our services - please connect with me at

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs


Does my proposed new program require Ministry approval?

Not sure? Please consult early on with the Associate Vice-President Academic Planning to determine the appropriate approval route.


What if my proposed new program requires Ministry approval?
The approval process moves from the Academic Unit and onward through UVIC approvals prior to being submitted to the Ministry. An outline of steps can be found here.

The central document for you to complete is the Ministry template.

My new program only requires UVIC approvals – What’s next?
An overview of the approvals process can be found here. All proposals that involve UVIC ONLY approvals use this template. Please tick the relevant box on the cover sheet to indicate the type of program that you are proposing:

New Stream or Option: a new variation within an existing program

New Minor: Type of degree program; a minor indicates a lesser degree of specialization, with only a few courses drawn from one particular area.

New Certificate: A qualification awarded upon successful completion of a program which is usually one year or less in duration

New Diploma: A qualification awarded on the basis of one or two years’ successful study

Significant Change to Existing Program: a change to an existing program that impacts ---


I want to discontinue a program
Formal approval is required to discontinue (stop running) a program. Complete this form and proceed through the system.

Are my proposed changes considered “curriculum” or “academic planning”?
Our Senate policies indicate that a “significant change” to a program, major, minor or stream requires the review and recommendation of the Senate Committee on Planning (in addition to the approval streams through the Senate Committee on Curriculum).

How do we know whether a change is “significant”?

  • Contact the AVPAP with a short description of the changes you’d like to make. Please provide enough information for the AVPAP to reach a decision.
  • The AVPAP will determine whether the proposed changes require SCP review and recommendation. If it doesn’t, then go directly to SCC for further guidance. If the proposed changes are “significant,” then
  • Complete the form and move it through the system