How to accommodate faculty medical leave

UVic is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse group of exceptionally talented faculty and staff and supporting them in ways that allow them to achieve their highest potential. The university is also committed to the principles and spirit of employment equity and the provisions of the BC Human Rights Code. Our medical leave and accommodation processes are part of the many ways the university strives to achieve these goals. Both the university and the faculty member share an interest in appropriately minimizing the adverse impact of a member's illness or disability on the member's career progress. We also share a mutual responsibility to cooperate in these processes.

The accommodation process for illness or disability requires:

  • collaboration between the university and the member to achieve a reasonable outcome that takes into account the specific forms of support that will permit the faculty member to best perform their duties
  • consultation with and involvement of the member in developing a plan that respects the dignity of the individual and promotes integration
  • taking into account relevant medical expertise and expertise regarding workplace accommodation


The sick leave and accommodation provisions outlined here apply to eligible members listed in Section 51.3 of the Collective Agreement. This includes faculty members holding regular academic appointments (see definition in Section 2), librarians holding regular librarian appointments, artists-in-residence and academic administrators. For ease of use, a separate document is available for librarians. Details of the terms and conditions of faculty medical leave and return to work are outlined in the print version of the guide below.

Terms and conditions for faculty medical leave and accommodation

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