How to provide dual career couple employment assistance

At UVic, we recognize that successful relocation of a faculty member/librarian is sometimes dependent on the employment of a spouse or partner. Through dual career couples employment assistance, spouses or partners of recently appointed regular faculty members or librarians (as outlined in the Collective Agreement) may be eligible for support in their employment search process. Services may include:
  • career exploration and decision-making
  • review and revision of work search tools (cover letters, curricula vitae, resumes, portfolios, etc.)
  • work search strategies for the local labour market
  • employer research and contacts
  • interview coaching

Please contact the

 Best practices for all candidate visits

  • Tell every candidate: "If you are interested, UVic has a practice of providing employment assistance to spouses/partners. Spouse/partner accommodations take time to negotiate. It will be to your (the candidate's) advantage to raise the issue early so that the university has an opportunity to begin to work with your spouse/partner as quickly as possible."
  • Provide each candidate with a link to the UVic faculty relocation website.

When the spouse/partner is an academic

  • Request a copy of the CV and details of the partner's employment interests prior to arrival at UVic.
  • Dean works with chairs and other relevant dean(s) to determine interest in and availability of an appointment for the spouse/partner.
  • Dean contacts  for consultation regarding potential joint appointments or funding.

When the spouse/partner is not an academic

  • Send a brief email to the specifying the name, rank and appointment date of the faculty member, as well as the name and contact information of the spouse/partner seeking employment.

When the situation involves retention of a current faculty member

  • Send a brief email to the describing the retention challenge and providing contact information for both spouses/partner.

When a spouse/partner is pursuing a doctorate (or other terminal degree) or undertaking a post doctoral fellowship

  • Follow the practices described above before the spouse/partner completes the program so that a position is in place upon completion, if at all possible.

Please keep in mind that although the university provides assistance with the spouse/partner employment process, there are no guarantees of employment.

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